Don't wanna be conceited 

I just wanna speak the truth

I've got unblemished skin

And I've had a fruitful youth

My teeth are white and pearly 

So my smile's always great

My hair is soft and shiny

Guess being pretty's just my fate 

I could talk about these things

How I think I'm pretty swell

But I just wanna know

Why it's myself I have to sell

Poetry is art

It's supposed to make us feel

I wanna write about the world around me

Not about how my beauty is so real

People living in poverty

Or dying just the same

Those are things I care about

Not how being flawless fits my name

And what about the platforms

Of the parties blue and red

Cleaving us right down the middle

And creating more bloodshed

Don't get me wrong

Self confidence is rad

But all the issues we keep ignoring

Tend to make me sad

I may have flawless skin

And pretty teeth and hair

But I think instead of those things

It's the world around us that deserves our care.



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