Have you ever been stuck with nothing to say?
And though there’s plenty to say, you just can’t say it?
Who’s going to listen?
I am screaming from the inside, hoping someone hears me,
but no one does.
Why doesn't anyone hear me? Notice?
I am screaming, help me.
Splat… Why can't you see my silent tears of pain?
I am aching.
Aching for love.
Aching to be loved.
But how can anyone love me when I don't love myself?
I can't.
A child is supposed to bring a mother joy.
But all I bring my mother is anger 
She doesn’t love me so why should I love me?
Why isn't my pain being heard? Understood?
My life is worthless: without a voice, without a father, without a friend.
Is it worth it?
To be silenced.
To be misunderstood.
Why don’t you get it?
I am more than a shoulder to cry on.
I am more than sex when you need it.
I have feelings damn it, why don’t you see them?
I am tired.
I am tired of reaching out, finding nothing.
Tired of hurting.
Tired of pain, tired of wishing.
Wishing to be heard, wishing to finally be seen.
You don’t hear me because I finally silenced my screams.
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My community
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