Sun, 02/10/2019 - 05:13 -- Saira

 I'm alone and I feel like I should feel worse but no matter how hard I cry
I don't feel pain
I'm alone but I feel more alive
I can sit and I can breathe and I can watch
the sky as it fades into a palette of light
Everyone else lives too fast without any time to pause
They're like cars on the motorway and I'm like a shadow
I'm defined in the light but faded in the dark

 I apologise me, but I'm not sorry for making you so lonely.
If you weren't like this then how would you have found the real world?
A world that was once hidden amongst the pages of the quietest books, was handed to you on a golden plate.

Life, not life that you live, Life has been killed by the people who live like the wind on the sea. No matter how many times they try,
the waves won't let them stop.
I made you like a breeze -no I made you like the still air on a hot summer's day, punishing, scorching and powerful.
 I made you want NOT to sink amongst the crowds of storms
 but to fight to the eye of the hurricane. I want you to swim into the clouds and STOP to look down.
They say not to look down but looking down is what makes you grateful that you're not stuck to the bottom of the sea.
 You can see the broken glass of their world and be fucking glad that you're not having to step barefooted on their path of pain.
 I am your shadow, I am your mind, so don't ever complain that you're alone.

ME: I-if I look, I'll fall though?

MY SHADOW: So? You climb again.

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