A Challenge of Worth

Those around me seem to think
there is a standard of being...
In my own valleys and tunnels there was truth
I cringed at the dip of my hips,
my attraction to feminity,
and the words that came stumbling from lips
I lived in a suffocating jar 
filled of disappointment and fear.
Happiness was a nostalgic dream,
doubtfully something I would feel again.
Dancing in the meadow of the valley
Wings erupting from my mind
I scream
But only to sing I am free!
But guess what?
I am a breathing paradox 
That only my mind, body, and soul can make
The idea is simple 
 I am intricately and extravagantly made
I have lacked self worth 
For that I hope things will change 
I have lacked faith in my self 
Although I can overcome my negative self 
I can be loved by me
I am wonderful
I am intelligent 
I am beautiful
I am independent 
I am flawless


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