selfish love



A fool in love am I, For in my heart a selfish kind of love resides. So in love with me, yet this  is far from vanity. because with in me I am able to behold thee. As I look at my reflection I see your essence, your perfection.

Our hearts have become one, leaving between them no distance. You are the whole my being, my addiction, my very existence!

without you, there is nothing left for me to do, I'd be rendered with madness wandering blindly with out a clue. Yet in your love I am drunkin with insanity, completely subdued.

So in love with myself, yet my love for you is greater, you've made me who I am, you fashioned me perfectly, oh creator.

Never will I let you go, never will the fountain of our love cease to flow, never will the spark you light in my heart stop its glow.

Without you I'd become the dust in the wind, with out you I'd meet my end for you are my everything, my closes most trusted, friend.


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Oh, but to fall in love...

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