The New Unfinished Me


Trying to find myself in a whirl wind

Darkness had surrounded me
and I allowed it to consume me
I Unlocked the chains of the box that I was kept in
But As I flew away I later realize
I had left not just something
but someone behind
Left in the space
where I was once forced to reside
remained myself with a note stuck beside
"Please don't forget me," it signed
autographed with a stencil laced with the tainted purity
an 11 year old fought for since she was five
Ice cold and numb I was fleeing in the wrong direction
farther away from where I'd come
but too lost to know where I was headed
Putting half of my morals and everything I once believed in
on the back burner
Trying to burn the boxed memories from my existence
Set a fire to my soul
Lighting lights fluorescent in different colors
I had finally found my way
A little less curved and a little more straight
A different flower bloomed but that same familiar rosy color
It still had
Softer in touch but still smooth like butter
The same pieces of my self I allowed someone else to hold
and they had broken
I held in my hands but now
they fit perfectly in my stained glass puzzle
More beautiful than before
so gentle and fragile
yet strong enough to knock
Something I knew that I would have to keep
until time stopped running by the hands of a clock
I could now breath
A freshness so fresh like the summer time beach breeze
newly cut grass and just a hint of peppermint
"I have found myself."
Those words... 
So sweet.
Those words...
I finally knew what they ment


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