Growing up


United States

Growing up is the realization that you

are not Sleeping Beauty.

But it’s doesn’t mean that you’re not beautiful

…except when you snore.

It’s the realization that there’ll be no Charming Prince

who will wake you up from a thousand-year sleep. 

That the only one who can bring you happiness, is yourself. 

That you have to love yourself first, before you can love somebody else.


Growing up is the realization that mom and dad

are probably the very few people in this world

who fully know how flawed you are,

and still love you.

So much that they can sacrifice everything,

even their time being with you. 

So much that it makes you wonder,

"Who’s gonna love me when you’re gone?"


But growing up is also the realization

that mom and dad are not the wisest persons in this world,

and there are things that you know, but they don’t.

That mom and dad are not perfect, and are not always right. 

That they too, can break promises, cross against red lights, and hurt each other. 

That when it comes to future, they are just, as clueless, as frightened, as you are. 


Growing up is the realization

that there is no such thing as Americans, Canadians, Finns, Swedes, Vietnamese, Chinese.

That we’re same same, but also different.

So different that no single word can be enough to describe ourselves. 


Growing up is confusing

is hard,

is difficult.

is inevitable,

And it’s the only way we can do, to grow. 

"Because if you stayed at twenty-two, 

you’d always be

as ignorant as you were

at twenty-two.”


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