Unlike the rest I'm not flawless in my face
But flawless in my ways
My body shape may not be the Same
But that doesn't subtract from my beauty nor my good grades
I've blossomed from pure self demolition
Into something can't posses
Grace, poise , and intellect is something I can never replace or forget
My mind, body and souls are my wondering eyes
Watch as I corrupt and caress your beautiful mind
You can no longer bring me down with your hateful eyes ,
Because others find me beautiful deep down inside
I'm stronger
But trust me, I'm No longer who you want me to be.
NOTHING is wrong with my curvaceous body ,mind and simplicity
Selfishness and greed used to grow inside of me
I may not be perfect but I am complete -ly
Is a word that holds power
Just remember, you're flawless and Nothing less

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world
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