A Needle in a Haystack


She's unique and delicate as a flower,

Not so much like a Gerbera, but more like an Orchid.

Her dark almond eyes penetrate your soul in just a glance,

And her small hands paint an abstract picture of beautiful sunsets.

She has many bumps, not imperfections but perfections.

A hint of dauntless might slip through your mind, but instead

You just think of every flat girl you've met before;

And you can't help but crave a few bumps along the road.

She's not a size zero, nor a double D,

Some have referred to her as simply normal,

Others have crossed worlds, only to see her one last time.

 She seems quiet, but when you really see her

She's quite the opposite.

I know her better than anyone, even her own mother;

She's carefree.

She laughs at the dumbest things, and often catches herself falling in her imagination.

She's strong and lets no one do her wrong.

Some might say, she's a bit spicy.

But nothing a little chocolate can't fix.

When you see her, she won't look any different;

But once you notice her,

Your whole world will change.

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