The Opposite of What she Did

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Inhale the thoughts of negativity, as she exhales the thoughts of positivity.

She swore to hold her mothers hand as she crossed the street,

but before mother had the chance to reach she was crossing

the busy street that led her to all the possibilities she could withhold.


Close the eyes to true beauty as she opened them in what was truly ugly.  

Her mind said trust in what your heart says is beauty, while her mind compared

her to all those that caught her eye.


Smile to what did not make her laugh, while she bit her tongue to what did.

She laughed loudly to impress the guy across from her,

who paid no attention to the laugh that had just filled the room.


Her hands said do not take the blade and mark the temple of God,

while she forced her hands to tamper with the beauty and

vandalize the inside along with the outside.


As she heard her sobs that rolled down her face, while she told herself

how ashamed she should be for the tears that she wept on the night of her death.

She seemed to care about what others thought.

So she changed her thoughts, how she dressed just to impress and to forget that deep down how insecure she was for being the girl that has been hurt. She battled at war with herself.


The night she died she was reunited with herself. She realized how she brought herself down.


She began to realize that you do not have to dress to impress,

or laugh too loudly to be heard for his ears.


She learned to see beyond the scars that are hidden within

her wrists the ones that her mother use to kiss.


She learned to smile for what she had and forget what she wished she had.

She began to say that life can be beautiful.

She began to not cry for the man that had told her she was hideous inside.

Like a human we all have things to hide, but when she hid what made her beautiful

she felt defeated as soon as she lifted that from her chest, a little chant began to hiss.

I will not hide, I will not fight, I will not be broken. I will not bow down the the man who hurt me more than twice. I will not stay silent for another word for the rest of my life.

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