Soften The Blade


Sometimes, enough is enough

you tap out before the going actually gets tough

nevertheless, no one else is in your position except you

battling and fightng to get through

all the rage and hurt and pain and fury builds

builds so high that you finally go for the kill

yourself or others

soften the blade

know that things could always be worse

look inside yourself and find your self worth

do not let the cruelty of others darken your skies

do not give them the satisfaction of them being the people you despise

soften the blade

do no harm to you or others

things will get better one way or another

do not fall short of the blessing bestowed upon you

the unique gifts and talents you possess are given to very few

soften your blade and make your heavy heart weightless

everyone knows that you are totally special and destined for greatness

when you finally come into yourself and become happy, good things will burst into the air like a grenade

until then, soften your blade

everyone is different and lives for a different purpose

you were created on purpose

keep pressing forward despite what is going on all around

pretty soon, you will be going far

hands stretching high, feet off the ground

soften your blade

no more cuts or threats

live life in spite of, and have no regrets!!!!!

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