Who I Am

I am a traveler’s guide.

Across my back I’ve carried mountains,

Explored and conquered.

I am a geographer’s nightmare.

In my hands I have held the canyons of time.

Uncharted and wild.

I am a hiker’s favorite trail.

Along my spine I’ve hidden tensions,

Challenged and silent.

I am a journalist’s terror.

In my throat I’ve nested lies,

Spoken and believed.

I am a sailor’s tale.

From my lips I have sung stories of love and fate and death,

Unending and relentless.

I am an astrologist’s dream.

In my eyes I’ve birthed galaxies,

Colored and life-giving.

I am a warrior’s home.

In my heart I’ve collected love,

Warm and inviting.

I am a photographer’s inspiration.

Over my skin I have a map of marks,

Undeniable and significant.

I am an adventurer’s spirit.

In my lungs I’ve held the screams of exploration,

Yearning and unruly.

I am a writer’s puppet.

In my mind I have taken different faces,

Complex and ever-changing.

I am my own worst enemy.

Over my body I have tangled strings of traps and restraints,

And yet I still fight.

I am my own true love.

In my heart is a sea of endless adoration,

And it is all for me.



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