In This Mirror


Look into this mirror

Ask me what I see

The answer could be really simple,

I see me!


Only the outside; just what everybody else sees

But look deep, deep into these eyes

There’s more to me on the inside

Where this heart cries and where the pain lies



Just what I fill my head with to be free

To avoid the thoughts and opinions of others

Trying to live up to what they want me to be


Everyone wants to have me figured out

How to walk, how to talk, how to feel

All because that’s what they want for me

But none of it is real


Living in moments of the past

Wishing they would flow away like sand of an hour glass

So you can be you

Without judgment and what others think is true


In this mirror

As I look deeper and deeper

Into the soul and body

I find a lost creature


Who just wants acceptance

In a world full of negligence

Where hate is the only benefit

And love marks the end of it


Who is there left to be,

When you can’t be you?

Where do the birds fly,

When the sky isn’t blue?


If you met the real me,

How precious it would be!

Let go of all the acts and lies

Finally able to open my eyes,

And enjoy the light of the world

Finally happy because my feelings aren’t twirled


But I still stand here


In this mirror

Hidden pain in my eyes

Wondering if this kind of pain dies.





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