"Drunk in Love" (with Myself)

“I woke up like this”

Or maybe “I was born this way”

Heck I don’t know

But either way is okay


I could say

I worked hard for a body like this

Or that I spent hours

Plumping my lips


I could say all these things

That part is true

But it would be so true as

To earn respect from one of you?


See it’s not the outside but the in

That deserves some unrequited listenin’

Because I have this inside world in my mind

That won’t stop whisperin’


And these ideas just burst

And this kindness just seeps

And I have so much respect

So please have some for me


Because I’m a human being

And I consider you one too

And if we’re going to be in this world living

We’ve got to remember to keep loving and keep breathing

But sometimes life is suffocating

And my airways seem closed

And I’ve seen some people lose it

Because they do not know


That I respect them and cherish them

Not for some secret reason

But because they’re a being

And respecting another is just a part of being decent


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