A bliss who they had missed


No filter is needed to see who this is

A girl with such a bliss

Someone who they miss

But in history, they've shown of me what should be

As now I uncover my destiny

Now the filters may disappear

And all they may see is my ears

Lovely the sounds they do hear

As I scream a joy and peace

As they unbound this lease

See my hair as brown and red

No longer grey and dead

All of this they truly said

See her smile so bright and mellow

And that shirt the brightest yellow

I laugh with joyful tears

All of what thy say brings me no fear

I hear a loud scream from a far

And I see the Brightest star

Saying who is this bliss

whom I have truly missed











This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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