Applause , Awes, Even with Our Flaws


I am flawless because I am

One of God's beautiful creations

Not because I am man-made,

A photoshop modification

I am stubborn,

And sure, I may cry my eyes red

But I'm flawless because I'm here,

Instead of hiding in my bed

I walk tall and proud,

Though I may not be a beautiful swan

But I do it because I love myself,

And I don't need validation- I don't need anyone to fawn

My eyes aren't pools of water,

And my skin may not be porceilian white

My eyes are chocolate syrup swirled,

And my hair is dark as night

I'm no manic pixie dream girl,

I'm just an average girl-in an average case

But I will not condone being overlooked and ignored,

Being treated like I am only but a waste

Because I am worth living,

Taking life by it's mighty horns

For even the most gorgeous of roses,

Has its share of thorns

I may not be able to handle,

Immense amounts of heat

And I also may not have great skin,

Or picture perfect  feet

But I am still human,

And I love myself so much

Because I can smell, hear, and see

Taste, experience, and touch

I am alive,

And that's flawless enough

After growing up in an age,

When avoiding death is tough

To be alive is to be flawless,

We all come in all sorts of shapes and sizes

No one is more special,

Or more deserving of golden prizes

I am me,

No one else will ever be the same

And while that is wonderful,

Its also such a shame

For we will never have another Einstein,

Another Gandi or Martin Luther King Jr.,

We will have those following in their footsteps,

Like minded-but just 'newer'

So I raise my glass to myself and to all,

And the ones who may have fallen

Let us praise ourselves for being unique,

Let us all define ourselves 'flawless'

I am flawless because I wake up each morning,

Reciting prayers and starting my day

I am flawless because I am choosing to live,

To live on another unpredictable day

Whether your eyes are pools of water,

or chocolate syrup in a bottle

Whether you walk gracious like a swan,

Or you can not help but waddle

And if your skin is porcelian white,

Or even olive like my own

We are all flawless and beautiful,

From the outside to the bone


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