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Sat, 01/03/2015 - 15:20 -- gcas97


Head to Toe

Where No one knows

the real story of your soul,

They see your hair

and when They stare, 

They seem to care

Care too much of how You look.

They think they'll read you like a book.

Word to word and Line to line,

You always seem to lack your shine,

but they don't know When, How or Who.

Have Them walk in Your shoes.

Have Them talk the words You do.

Have Them feel the pain You feel.

They haven't got a clue of You.  


They see Your nose,

You loose Your glow





They seem to Know.

They seem to Know, but They don't Think

that Sometimes You may Love your Kinks.


You have Big legs. So what?

You have Big arms. So what?

You have Big cheeks. So what?

So what? There's more to Love!


You're too Skinny.

You're too Mini.

You're too Short.

Short enough to hold the Earth.


Every day We Judge.

It seems to Knudge,

knudge the Fact;

We Aren't The Same.

No one's Better,

Don't be Bitter.

We're all people; it's a Fact.

Head to Toe

They won't know

The Real Story of Your Soul.


Love Yourself, I sure do.

From my curves to feet,

I can't be Beat.

I'll leave my print

On the World.

So will You,

No matter what You do.

No one will ask:

"Who Are You?" 


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