Im weird

Yeah I said it. Im wierd

You see to me weird equals different and different equals unique, which is something that can't be divided unevenly

Everyone has been blinded by the media telling them how they should talk, what they should wear only to be a clone or imitation of someone else

I'm weird because I'm black and apparently I talk like a white girl

I don't understand this ignorance, as if it is a crime to be black and educated

I refuse to fall into this trend of self hate because of the color of my skin

My pigment and melanin speaks volumes in itself which I want everyone to hear

The media tells girls the only way to get attention is to have the whole menu on display

But that don't mean i'm about to be showing off two pieces of chicken and a thigh. What I look like?

Society tells young girls you'll never be pretty until you've bought this, wearing that, shaped like this, or looked like that

But Beyonce said it best, pretty hurts. You tryna fix something that you can't fix, that you can't see, it's the soul that needs a surgery.

Ya see I know I'm beautiful

Instagram likes and comments don't phase me.

My beauty lies within amassing from my pores radiating outside

God made no mitakes with me.

He had the moon and stars in mind with the gravitational force puling though when I was created

I'm weird, I'm flawless, I'm me




Good stuff! Nice ending!

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