Bengal American Tiger


Oh, the things I've done,

Working before dawn, midnight doubles for fun,

College is helpless when you're an immigrant's son.


Oh, the things I've done,

License expired so the bus is a must,

Obstacles are many, and yourself you can trust,

Heading to the public library, there's more academic 'debauchery'.


Oh, the things I've done, 

Took a free underprivileged SAT, aced it, and won, 

But "no social means no college admission, son,

if you were good enough they'd find a way, it was a fair run."


Oh, the things I'll do!

"Try and stop me!", the phrase rings in my head,

Will I work under the table my whole life, or educate myself instead?

The latter sounds greener, my blood's Rose Bengal red.


Oh, the things I've done,

waking with the sun, to start my tiger run, 

endlessly preying on what I'll become.



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