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to that little boy that lives inside of me
You were young, but old enough to remember it all. Your eyes fillled with hope, Ideal to take as their own.
I have the same routine when I wake up, In the morning. Put on my shirt and jeans Go to work. Typically I make coffee for breakfast, Getting two hours of sleep My body craves it.
   If there ever was enough to give, I would give it to you. If there ever was enough ways to show I would show, I woud show you my truth. My love for you is so alive it would never die. you take my breath away, you make my heart skip a beat.
The dream of a fool, Many might say We’re capitalist’s tools, As we’re on our way Surviving as slaves On minimum wage at Wal-Mart or K-Mart Striving for the day until we get the part  
Motivation, it's what keeps us going, How do we keep motivated in a world that's never slowing? Our goals are too important to let go of that sight, Our focus will help us reach a future so bright
Every smile is not a smile within Whether its love or hate, its never an easy sin   Tears of both pain and joy are seen as one These tears have no name, are always unknown  
I am from destruction, Destroyed emotions and abandoned kids. I am from dirt soup, Long summer days Soaking in the sun, Playing in the lawns, Finding my friends.   I am from books,
Dancing, swirling, threads and beads Reaching about the fragile frame. Entwined in the many strands Are my many horrible dreams. Many were caught in the never-ending web. Caught and never to escape
My life is in JesusYeah, a love that can't be comprehendedSharing truth, Jesus Christ's coming!
I can't chase my demons, they've tied me too far down.   God would not forgive me, I don't deserve his crown.   What if I walked into the ocean? If I mysteriously drowned.  
Peer pressure is crazy! But only I control me! So you can’t make me see, anything I didn’t already see. You say “Go ‘head, try it! It’s not gone hurt!” But I’ll be the judge of that when you’re six feet in the dirt.
I feel your pain. I know the reason why you rain. Taken for granted but giving life to the seed and having the ability to wipe out a flame.
 When we rise in anyway, everything around us rise as if, the sun shine around us, saying we are the ligth, which one day,  will ligth it our path to succes, just following those deligthful colors which have infinity gloriness.
In a nation deemed free, prosecution still reigns on a day to day basis. The “right” bash the “wrong” and the high continue to rise, while the low still fall.
Today and Tomorrow Not the same now Its like two sides of a coin Heaven and Hell i supposeToday's ride homeTomorrow's pollution stormYet no one seems to botherunless its the order
fading with age brownign, blurring suffering every day but continues stirring  mindlessly lingering mythodically fingering blades of a razor and quaint gassoline flame.
What would you change behind a glass window in a small room?  What would you change with the words of someone who owns no voice?   What would you do with the power of someone else with power?  What change the world?
We demand.We expect. We desire. We want to strive. We want to live. We abuse. We forget. We ignore. Many suffer for us. We tend to forget them. We need to stop. We need to help.
Speak.Talk.Communicate. Empty phrases, for what do they accomplish but prove their own necessity? Change is not prompted by force. Yet force is prompted by change.
Taking pictures half naked Smoking and drinkin to try and forget your father left Breaking your mothers heart for getting suspended from school for being half baked
Time is short I took the pills And now it's time for you to know what I do when I'm down, or my tank is running low         I write. I write every snowy day And every summer night.
Mankind and its Twist Leaking plastic roofs, trashed up sidewalks, corner gang crews, worthless talks. Growing up in a coined term of "the hood," and being thought to never hit the books.
Your ticker your tocker, fast on the rocker, A babe in your mother's arms. Oh love, much love, as she held you close, Promising you no harm. A mother, a mother, is there true love from another?
You didn't make me well enough to survive Your finger tips didn't paint me pretty enough  You left me without a repertoire that was exotic enough You didn't grace me with enough talent to be special 
The streets where I spent my formative years are wide, quiet, and plain. There is one cinema, one high school, too few ice cream parlors (four, to be precise), too many banks (again, four).
                                     Shutting the Door to the Unwanted and the Unknown                                                       I do not know why this is me.
My first day of elementary school My mom woke me up and made me breakfast With a lunch box in my hand I walked to school With my white sketchers that had double knots So I wouldn’t trip over myself
The day I was born I was given a daisy. When they gave it to me they told me: This is no ordinary daisy, As long as it’s with you, Everyone will believe you to be innocent before guilty,
Worthier than emerals and gold is knowledge. You may ask, "do I only obtain this in college?" You may, although is a long and treacherous process that later becomes known as  wisdom .
HandsThey are taken for grantedWe use them everydayAre they what keeps us so candid?HandsThey actually define us commonersThey can be rough, soft, dry, moist, cold, warm
People running and people walking People passing and people looking People laughing and people cying But they are all the same. All the same individuals. Held together, tied together
Peace be still  That is what The Lord said To the storm  That storm they passed through All the waters calmed The sea obeyed  And nature was at rest.  
He’s stupid, she’s ugly, they’re weird Judgments we hear and face everyday Some hide who they are, living in a facade Some ignore the voices, but slowly are dismantled
Last night was just like all the others
Indie music, Starbucks, and a laptop in front of me: Every tab open has something to do with my future.
They asked me to write a poem. What for? I'm going to write a poem. Pencil? Check. Paper? Check. Wait, this is the 21st Century. Surface. Open Microsoft.
If you are on this Earth,  you are free.  You. Yourself,  with your own  thoughts, beliefs,  loves,
My dreams are big - too big, I'm told.  They say I shouldn't be so bold.  But tell me why I should not try  To have the world, to touch the sky.  They say, "Don't jump so high! You'll fall." 
Write about anything I want? does it need to be in a certain font?   Your letting me choose?
Beauty is in the rain that falls near my window, Creating and casting a peaceful glow. Beauty is sanity in a world of chaos. Beauty is living without regretting a loss.  
Now I lay me down to sleep I pray dear lord my soul you’ll keep I Wake up in a strange place Not knowing where or even who I was
Lines that cut across in front and behind lines that we wait in, lines that we abide by, lines that we break, lines that we cross, and shatter, and tear apart, until there are
People are like turtles they hide in their shell, Thoughts in their mind can put them through hell. Turtles live parts of life down in the deep, If people let out their feelings, happiness they reap.
Meet me at the crossroads when the moon is good and high bring me some of that moonshine we gon' make a deal tonight   Devil's in the details watch that dust kick up and swirl such a shame
I am from intricate, steel-blue corridors in a big grey sailing vessel
My mother is the only thing in this world that means everything to me. She has given me life, the greatest gift of all. My mother has alwaysbeen there, everyday for eighteen years, through thick and thin.
Freshman, freshman, freshman. They think they're so cool. "Yay, we're in highschool! We rule!" No, I don't think so now leave that for the seniors.
I spent a year in a foreign placeWandering about what truths I would learn or face...
I woke up early that morning It was sunny, everything seemed okay. My brother wasnt home yet For some reason that worried me
  i do not have sunken eyes nor do kitchen knives at midnight sink deep into skin only to rise sometimes my limbs shake without any breeze but never with the accompanying screams
Allow me to speak of the marks you have made, of this veritable letter of inner turmoil It begins with small marks, little notes, akin to half-thoughts you have yet to verify
We used to be so innocent, when we were little kids.
I can count on you like the sun counts on the moon.  
I wish I could cry properly. Standing in front of the bathroom mirror Staring deep into myself Picturing the most impossibly  Dead image Trying to push the tears out Feeling absolutely no moisture
Me, myself, and I. That's just all I am. Living a nice life, than all of a sudden BAM! I question if this is me, if this is all I really do. For what I've become, I think I'm overdue.
Be determined to apply Stand out to receive Scholarships are much obliged I would love some money   College is expensive Oh yes, it's expensive I am wanting a degree In Apparel Studies
A tear flowing through the pacific river and crosses the valleys of hearts 
You look at me, 
Last night, while we were sleeping, Secure of mind in our queen-sized beds,  Death occured. To someone that we know, Who found they had to let someone go, This morning at 6 AM. "I'm sorry," she said,
  I am steaming tamales and stirring two cans of refried beans on the stove with a metal spoon I probably shouldn’t be using, this is a nonstick saucepan after all, but you are in the hospital right now
I found myself standing on the edgeof the path I trailed everyday.And the roaming machines that passed,a hair's breath away.
I am in love with love. Loving the ones who aren't afraid of love, whereas I, I am afraid of falling, not in love, but out of it, running out of it. But that's the thing about love and fear;
The red string connects Moscato to Heineken  Bacardi to Vodka Malibu Rum to Corona. Wound tight around the necks, An intricate web stretching too thin. Searching the bottom of each bottle,
Happiness is my key, all I want to see. 
Layer 1 I am quite, I am meek, I am smart, I am shy.  That is the mask I wear. Layer 2 I am quirky, I am fun, I am sponatneous, I am loyal. Only a few see this.
I get what i need, for things people would not only understand but look at me weird. I am not a troubled child, but descretely unusual.
Words give life, They create magic, They create new worlds, Colors and shapes form before your very eyes, You are no longer you but someone new, You live in a distant land far away.
Silence!  What ray of light beams through that square of glass?
If i could change the world, i'd change how we treat our girls.   The way we judge them like pearls...   The way we make them feel, the things they have to deal... The pain that is real...
Cold to the touch You collide with my skin While you freefall From and endless sky.   I can see you Yet I see through you, For your cause is clear But your effect is color.  
The time was...where the sun and its light don't shine. Darkness...for the moment and the victim were right.   I laid to sleep but was awaken from my dreams. Laying on my sheets, was a demon next to me.  
My Refuge is in the stars, where pain lasts as a faint scar; my past, only folklore, a long un-opened door.
There's no such thing as a happy ending. Either you're hurt or you're dead. You think you'll always have people there, But were the hell is a friend?
Where R U? Cant U answer my text? See U at 9? Party is gonna be wild; hope U make it in time.   -B There Soon-   Where R U? Are U lost? Need the address?
i Wasn't Ready! Everything you put me throught i never knew it would hurt so much
Look at me! Can't you see the roundness of my belly? The widening of my hips? The puffiness of my face and the swelling of my feet? But yet, I know that you can't see
The word s
Like waves of tall grass      over dips and bumps
"What's a home?"   What do you call a place  Where you are unconditionally love? Where you feel completely safe When your life is really rough?  
So many times I’ve heard, “You don’t act black”, And to this day I still don’t understand, How does one act a color? Do I be decrepit, ugly, or dark? At least that’s what Webster tells me,
A tragic simile to compare
Making all the rules 
Kids are laughing… They see nothing but, joy. Elephants, tigers, monkeys are just roaring. As the children stand in amazement. Spinning in circles, smiles everywhere.
Moments in life only last for short secondsBut they can permanently transform to unforgettable flashbacksThe edges of her eyes crinkle when she sees her sister
The winter I was seventeenwas a moment of trying times.I was cold and under pressure,and was trying to find my life's reasons and rhymes. 
My forest, my home, Where the dead leaves fall.
My name is Alyssa and fourteen years ago in March something complicated happened that changed my life forever.
Two paths both different and alike. One was dark with footprints in the dried grass. The other was filled with vegetation and light. I took a glance at my past, Hoping my future would be just as bright.  
Sticks and stones may break your bones but words will tear you down, turn your smile into a frown, and crush your soul.  They plant in your mind an image that tortures your self-confidence until you’re sure that all yo
Do you know what it’s like
You say I'm a wimp? That I worry for nothing? I say I believe in peace And love widely.   But really, I don't. And I'm nervous. I'm scared. I'm anxiuos.  
How much could your liberty cost? Physical liberty. That is the one I am referring to. The one by people in some countries die.
The story of the stars 
When you dream do you believe it once actually happened? Maybe in a movie, mixed with parts of your reality? Is it about a dream of your "true love"? Is it about a dream of a battle you will fight in the future? 
My life is an open book, That has not yet been finished. Every page is my story, Every chapter is an adventure.  
I sit and marvel at the wonder of love It's a griping force It rages in the soul with feeling unknown Unusual Surreal They surrond me They comfort me I hide theses in my sould as a secret
Family   My family matters most to me They are the seed to my success They have poured out their generosity
My dear child, did your mother never tell you? NOTHING  in this world is ever free It was there, hidden all along in plain sight Now you've gone and put yourself at their mercy for the remainder of your life
Dear Starry-Eyed, Five foot two doesn't determine the heights that you can go Nor does your greatest adventure rely on the size of your shoe.
If time could freeze and our hearts melt into one Sparks of spontaneity signify something has begun But fate is at our door and grief is waking us in our bed Desperation is pushing us towards the cliff
Reality is but an illusion,  The heart a magician.  The mind is audience,  Shifting like winds of society.    Reality is but an illusion,  Trickery of every kind. 
See that homeless guy, by the alley? Looks like he could use a helping hand. Give him 5 dollars, talk for 5 minutes, And let him know, "You are loved."   There's that kid that's been crying all day,
We go our whole lives without looking for it,No one seeks the answers anymore,No longer are we wise men and women,No loner do we question existence,
    you entered this world with your heart beating faint i smiled first at you with little sincerity i didn’t want to fall in love i didn’t want to get hurt in the end  
Hardscrabble life
How she does it? I don't know. But still I try to understand how she...  How she manages alone. All alone she is able to provide.. To provide strength where I am weak To provide hope when I am in despair.
Life can spur. Love can be found. A memory can be made. Spontaneous laughs will happen. A surprise kiss. A wonderful dream. But tears will fall. Hearts will be broken.
Down her face streamed the tears, Of 20 years. Of 1,043 weeks, Of feeling weak. Of 7,304 days, Of being in a daze. Of 175,316 hours, Of thinking, how are We supposed to go on from here?
I wan't to subside in a place where there is an abundance of beauteous wildlife.
A black boy was killed, Shot dead in the head, And the nation went up in defense. “The murderer was provoked” “He was acting in self defense” They said.   Now the situation is ‘tricky’,
Society gives us social media to post our opinion How we feel What we're doing Pictures of us and then some  And we're always on our phones Texting Facetiming Skyping Messaging
I see you day in and day out In the halls or on the town We wave and say hello And even “chill” or “hang” a bit You’re someone I call my friend So this you should never forget,
After everything i went through so far in the new year, 2014, I've decided to leave to Ecuador for the next month. After going through attempted suicide, hospitalization, the pysch ward, therapy, trying to find myself back into life, and such; i
Meeting Smiling Laughing Smiling Laughing Liking  Laughing Liking Hugging  Liking Hugging Loving Hugging Loving Dating Loving Dating Cuddling Dating Cuddling Kissing
I am Love Kindness Happiness I like dancing. I like having fun Kindness is important to me. Living is important to me. Laughing is important to me I love you I don’t talk to many people
First time I wanted to say something First time I wanted meet you This is lovely, enchanting Feeling of anxiousness Until I reach you I want to say For ever
  Sometimes I feel like a princess Not the kind in the movies and books  That sit around hopelessly doing nothing Waiting for Prince What’s His Name  
Dying Roses, Oh so sweet. What happened to, You’ll always love me?   Why’d you lie? Or did you believe it? Even the heavens above
Be my forbidden love  Just don’t call me Juliet  Romeo must die But I’m glad that we met   Like Bella and Edward  Our love is true
Like Bonnie and Clyde  It’s you and me Together forever And Eternity   Without you I’m nothing And nothing I’ll be My heart is the treasure chest
Your lips, your eyes, your soul, Are like a work of art, The most creative thing of all, Is your beautiful heart. If you were a painting, no colors could express the beauty deep inside you, A rainbow, nothing less.
Hiding behind closed doors of broken dreams and promises never lasting  Stuck behind the mirror of reflection  Reminiscing on what ifs and what could have beens  Why can't I leave My head..
The Dawning- An Original Poem by Catelin Haight Time marches on, Or so I'm told This Body is young
Innocence lies in all that lives,
Never have I been one to be somber
If you were to visit my elementary school playground between my 3rd and 6th grade years you could find a
The time has come and I'm ready to surpass one of life's greatest milestones that isn't taught in class. If I did not need to decide, I'd gladly take off and explore, but I must, so I shall, and I'll try not to view it as a chore.
We never really knew what it meantto be beautifulbecause they never showed ushow we were beautifulThey always told you could do your hair bettersmile biggernicer clotheschange change change
Danbury is my home, my house, and my hearth. It is the bustling Main Street and the quiet back roads. It is the big lake full of waterweeds and the seagulls that fight with the geese on the shore.
A dark door Pich with deceit Secured under a lock A different key for every secret A key for a lie Too tiring to close A slip to burst open Skeletons piled high Past spread wide
There you are. Lying peacefully in your own cloud like bed. How peaceful and relaxed you looked. No more struggling. No more suffering. It kills me to see you this way.
I was a bird afraid to spread my wings but one day I stopped listening to the voices that said "You're not good enough" "You're not pretty enough"
The sweet sound of birds singing through the leaves the wind innocently plays tag around the trees.  The soothing sound as water travels downstream, or silently rests clear and serene.
If I could shut up my pride f
Here it comes again. There is the feeling. Food, heavy in your stomach.   Your hands begin to shake and your palms begin to sweat. You look around, searching desperately. Where can you go?  
"I wonder how it feels to be loved by someone." You are eighteen and already asking yourself this ques
Dimly lighted room
  The guards stand at attention At your perpetually locked gate
Here the sun will rise and with it so will water the cycle begins
  I am ready to be free now. Funny to know I’ve been trapped for so long, Not remembering what freedom felt like.   As a young bird there were no cares. Until that faithful day I feel from grace.
Do you think they’ll notice? Do you think they’ll notice how I so carefully excuse myself before it’s time to eat? Or that when I do, before I’m done, I’m out of my seat, on my feet, into the bathroom
The world was giving to us so we could take control. So we can wake up to take crazy turns, and reach new heights.
Check the faith in you not him Check the distance on your thoughts before that pen try's to walk
I believe in abstinence, but I don't believe in lies. We shouldn't tell our kids that if you wait till marriage, you're fine. We should tell them the horror stories - how a pregnancy can change your life
Who are we? What are we? Where did we come from? When we got here? How? Questions Americans need to ask themselves. Before we say the word IMMIGRANT to anyone,
I stared down from the peak of the crag as nothing but rope and pure strength supported me As I turned my head, I heard only wind and thought around me
There is no time for us, watching the clock on the wall, waiting for something to happen, for excitement, encouragemet, and motivation, but nothing happens, just the sound of the clock ticking,
Why boss, why? We shouldn't end the life of child due to the mistakes of the parents. I won't push the button, I won't.
#YOWO    Hate and violence fills the streets   Money love and power is how everyone thinks    Without a doubt and full of greed, these Compton streets never sleep
#YOWO    Hate and violence fills the streets   Money love and power is how everyone thinks    Without a doubt and full of greed, these Compton streets never sleep
We soar through open sky Freefalling toward the end I'll never forget those eyes We were always more than friends   You're lips alwasy so soft I could have kissed them endlessly
Young love, A terrible trap, From the life twisting heartache, To the unfufillable promises, But who could blame such naive adolescents?   If people on the telly can fnd live, why can't I?
Yesterday it was I like you a lot I'll never leave your side. I'll be here for you no matter what. Today its who are you? I don't know you.
God placed an angel on this Earth for me. From day one, he protected me from many things. While I was being born, he was in Desert Storm fighting for this great country. But I know that I still was his main priority.
Innocense, she is nurtured like a cub seeking new adventure day by day love, care and tender happiness.   Puerile, she is destructive like a wild hog seeking new adventure day by day
"Hold the Phone!"   “Floo-flop” chimes the phone, On the drive home.   What text could it be, That you just have to see.  
Dear child I see you over there
We’re a group of girls with very different minds And on Wednesdays I walk into that room, and leave behind All the stress that comes with being me
YOWO! You only write once? Perhaps they don't understand that We as students only have one shot at a frist impression.  So in other words, we do only write once.  We write that one paper, that one document
Do you fall victim to the temporaries?Can’t wait, need it now, or on the contrary,Do you choose a later time to shine?Burning your fire so yo light will blindNot just twinkle and settle for a blink,
High hopes, Low dreams, How long until I'm seen?   Loose this, Gain that, Why does everything seem so flat?   Always low, Never high, I fear I will never touch the sky.
As he is our canvass We will force the star Upon the moon   He shall shine brighter than the sun
I can begin to see it now, the little ripples in my cup that form a smile, a ladybug climbing up my window sill-
We were designed as one race To be united, not mistreated To be caring, not defeated We are all the same, yet we all chase The desire to be better than eachother   We were designed as one race
Flying by, like ribbons on a windy day. Twisting, turning, dodging, rushing, missing, ignoring, ignoring, missing, aware but unaware, They are all the same.   Dancing on the wind,
The lonely owl flies off From its tree to the night In search of prey. A brown blur flits through the forest. He hears a squeak, Then sees a mouse scattering. His ears perk up; His eyes narrow.
Five years ago, She sketched her name on the wall and no one wrote next to it.  She drew a somber heart, outlined in disgrace, colored with hope and left it to dry on its own. The next year,
There's a little black box with a little brown brush And endless colored paint for an impossibly white wall. Holding my brush, I stare at the wall,
Misty night, the road seemed to be sparsely coated with broken glass. The scent of rain and smoke quietly wafting in my noise, I could feel the heaviness of the air pressure in my lungs.
  If a boy ever tells you you're beautiful, ask him what he thinks of your heart
Love. I've always wanted love. But a special kind of love. Not that lovey dovey, kiss kiss, let me talk to you every second of the day - love, no.
We all are the Same  On the inside I feel so Ashamed  On the outside The moon is my enemy i feel only Pain  Surrounded by darkness all you see in Cocaine 
I thought you were always my loving friend. Our bond flourished throughout a dancing art, You were someone who I can comprehend; A friend who cared with all of her warm heart.
Once, one day, I had nothing to do, So I decided to talk to you. I couldn't have imagined, I couldn't have known, That this was the beginning of a friendship anew.  
So, This poetry thing, It’s not really my deal. I’ve always been envious of you who can feel. Who can spell out emotions, be open and raw.
(you) yes, you with your pencil hovering over the paper too scared to mar a canvas;  you with the can of cerulean spray paint, poised to let colors scream out all of your failings.
Transparently I observe; my eyes paint a picture, A landscape of the world and those within.
So many words left unspoken   Inside, sometimes we just feel broken   The words from our mouth, so difficult to say   Its better in writing.  
Don’t leave they said You’re too weak they said   OBJECTION!   The weak would never leave the nest, As what I thought!   So I spread my wings
Amen to Love   “A toast to the good times and the ugly times too because they make me”—Zora Howard   This is for the girls who cornered me in the gym room, who put my shoes in the toilet,
I live in the shadows to        let you soak up the sun. It looks better in your skin than mine. I let it go. (watched you slipped so rapidly) I'm moving along. I cannot hear the lovely ballad of songs
The true American experience Is like a tree.                                                                       As we come together we Grow tall and strong. Our roots are buried deep in our rich
Dreams of pollution is not what we Sought. Bewildered by experiences that cause trauma to All. Visualize the land and how it used to be. We aren't going to ever see it again. Some things change permanently,
After the first hack I knew it was no cold. I think of it with wonder now  and wonder how much mucous it measured to be. Diagnosed a week after agony, Pneumonia.   The thing your mother fears when you
You Only Write Once Scholarship Slam These hands carried my wife through the threshold on our wedding night and comforted my daughter whenever she had a bad dream.
The struggles of everyday life are endlessKeeping up with everything can be arduousI'm really trying to keep up with all of thisAll you can do is smile and pretend to be famous
Till you come in Last All your mates graduate from a school that you didnt even participate IN wait-ing to exhale but you too busy inha-ling Taking in the world and watch it pass you by
I think I have been awakened,
Beauty is not an idea tossed around gently. Beaty is thrown around like a football, Sometimes trampled on or throw in the air. To some, the football has no meaing. To several, it has an abundance of meanings.
Youngling cries for food, blooming chances are not found. He is called lazy.   Eats from silver spoon, connections everywhere. He is spoiled.   The Youngling who cried
A teacher once offered me a proverb: The purpose of a teacup lies in the empty space. I think that gives too little credit to my teacup. Even when holding nothing,
Saying goodbye can be one of the hardest things you will ever have to do.  Whether you are saying goodbye because of death or because of other things. Goodbye is saying adios to someone you know. 
Age does not define me
Beauty. One word causes so much pain for the younger generation. Truth is, none of us are beautiful; at least not in society's context. So if no one is "beautiful", how can anyone call a person ugly?
I had a pretty regular childhood I was outside all day, smashed bugs, played sports and thought girls had COOTIES! By definition I grew up like a boy should
I looked her in the eyes, Saw nothing to my surprise... All the pain she kept inside, Vandalizing her heart, Crushing her soul, Stealing her inner thunder. It just made me wonder,
Love is laughter, love is joy, love is shared with a girl or a boy. Love is forgiveness, love is trust,  love is something that is a must. Love is honest, love is true, love is something anyone can do.
Alright, you may open your textbooks and begin. Read. Read. Read. Bubble. Bubble. A, D, B, C, C... See. Look. Look around. Look at him, look at her.
Delicate skin set to ignite New fire is lit to old flames Flash backs, for inferno will fight The crackles whisper their small names   Like smoke consuming the air Burdens suffocate
You're caught in the current,Along the mainstream life.Trying to find yourself,Trapped by others strife.All you want is to help,But you lose yourself along the way.How can you go back?
In sonnets all feelings encased therein
Cancer: such a short word. Hidden within those six letters comes a lot of meaning. In between the C and the A is a big thing called faith. Faith in God,
With my ukulele guiding me down the pathway to good vibes. With the breeze in my hair giving me a feeling of pure comfort. With the sun on my face enveloping me in its transient warmth.
You  Make me feel like             A million desperate little pieces Aching to hold each other together             When your hand is in mine
Mother Nature, you poor, forgotten woman. People complain of your work. You are never appreciated for your beauty. No wonder you are changing. We are ruining you With our trash With our cars
It was only a joke, she said.   It was only a joke when you called me obese? I was concerned about your health, she claimed.   It was only a joke when you called an embarassment?
Here's an oath to one another!
In the absence of all presence I had her beside me. Alone in that room. Passion and doom. The mood is warm. The old oil lamp would suffice for light in light of circumstance,
Picture on a wall, framed with Love as the subject—a boy and a Girl hold each other for a Moment in time, smiling and Blissful is the
I may not be dumb, But that does not mean I’m smart. I’m old enough now To take care of my own heart. So that’s what I had thought, Then I chose the wrong guy.
Stayin' Up at Night 'Cause You Just Can't Sleep Just Being Silent, Not to Make a Peep. Why Is It Just Teens? I Mean, We Too Love to Dream.
I am the f
  They talk behind my back, I know exactly what they say, Their words worse than smacks, It’s been happening every day.   They say mean things, They laugh together,
In my mind's eye, I do not shed a tear for the meek The meek so trite Enveloped by spite Lapping up mouthfuls of melancholy Food for the souls of the misbegotten and bleak
Tick Tock Tick Tock
Life is hard You get up and get knocked down again Again and again   Why is it that things must be this way? Tears rolling down the young girls face Her mother just died. You mean 11 years ago?
That passion, That twinke; Ever burning Brilliantly blinding Light in the night And day. I hope to gaze forever, At that everlasting Symbol of hope Blazng on.
When I was younger I thought being skinny was everything The epitome of beautiful Magazines reinforced this “How to loose 10 pounds in 10 days” “5 foods that eliminate belly fat”
I, Am The Same As He & She. We, Are All Seeds, Trying To Grow Into Decent Human Beings. The Day We Are Planted, We're Allowed To Choose The Direction In Which
Been lost as if i was lost in the bushes but then waking up and realizing that being greatful in life will make you go further and not fall.
A young girl that's so upset So she goes through life giving nothing more than sex You ask her what's love, and she'll give you a puzzled face maybe it's cuz' her father dropped out from the early race
Right as my gold rush fever slowed I stumbled on the mother lode But someone else had claimed that road—   The road to El Dorado.   I was tired of falling for fool’s gold and flakes
I want you to know that it's okay to not be okay.I want you to never give up hope, even in a time where everything may seem hopelessand I'll be around as long as possible even when you don't want me to be.
I have an irregular heartbeat. I got it from my dad, like my propensity to get lost in the country on purpose. It’s 121 beats per minute while I’m lying in bed, My heart racing my thoughts while my feet stay still.
The boys and girls live in separate worlds. The girls in their universe and we in ours. As a child, I only had friends that were boys. Girls were some kind of alien species from another world.
Edgar Lopez, who is an 8th grader at Bowman. Who is a Mexican. Who has been suspended 3 times. Who I beat in the school four-square tournament last week. Is a cool kid, that’s what my friends say. But I know what he’s really like.
Graciously black Open winged butterfly Gliding through the sky Where do you go when you’re all alone? Is there a place you call home? You land here You land there Always on the go
  A placing a plate of cookies and glass of warm milk for Santa On the dining room table was a waste of time At least I got to witness my father gobble it down
  The livened blue tinted with gray, I had no idea what you'd mean to me. Those eyes so bright caused me to stray,
Silence settles within A restful smile imprinted Above my chin As my mind opens all about The box is gone, I got out Vast planes surface And I’m witnessing my purpose On purpose
I have covered my ears From the wise words of your heart You were right from the start I have made my mistake and done my part Forgive me For I was young and naive I didn’t want to believe
With your smile you dim ten thousand of the universe's brightest stars,
It's all my fault I kept saying
Some might say that rhyme is victorian But I think it's important as valedictorian To highlight all of the things that we've done In a way that's new, creative, and fun.  
Sky is barren Earth desolate both lonely and windswept until they assent to replenish and nourish themselves. They dance gracefully through  their labor.   Sky grabs his brush,
Your words, they trickle while I stand in awe As they float out of your mouth like bubbles I struggle to pop them before they reach her ea Such darkness and vile created and submitted by the corners of your lips
a beautiful victory
I’m from Monopoly From the Game of Life. I’m from Sister, Sister From the world of CatDog. Games and fun is where I’m from.   I’m from the sweet sound of summer glistening on the pool
I want to forget. 
Love is our energy Passion our vitality Understanding and compassion the vein of our existence Every time we laugh When our smiles mirror our hearts It seems that we will never face resistance
The voice isn't coming from vocal chords
The sun shines brighter on the other side Where children can run and play At the park and by the slide
She blinks and gapes and her mouth spouts crapThe audience stares and claps and their mouths flap I sit and watch and wonder how or maybe even whyThey talk like I care and wonder about nigh
A lazy breeze hums Hammocks swing in the summer The sun smiles down
You are perfect in every single way. I’m sorry, you were. You were intelligent, athletic, worldly. You were presidential. Inspiring. Attentive. But You
The Love Song of Martha Alvarado “Dusk is just an illusion because the sun is either above the horizon or below it.
Head shoulders knees and toes knees and toes Eyes and ears and mouth and nose Head shoulders knees and toes knees and toes Now that is just a happy tune sing that to Mrs. Society And see what she do
I’ve been back a week now. A week out of Europe and a week in America. So why does that feel so odd to me? I was born here. I lived here my whole life. Why do I feel so out of place?
I wonder where you are now
Rain trickles down my side. Your breath is hot against my skin. A shiver runs through my bones. You won’t let me go.
Sweet tea, barbecues, and football Pickup trucks, county fairs, and folks sayin' y'all The sweet taste of pecan pie in your mouth This is how we do it down South   Ride in a brand new Ferrari?
Who What When Where Why How Who is black What is black When is black Where is black Why is black How is black Who can be called black And who cannot
Living in this world sometimes disgusts me. How can I find the beauty in life with all these tragedies. They tell us to reach for the sky, but life tends to brings us back down.
One word and I’m all yours But you don’t even know it Bring on these confusing thoughts And how I know I’m getting ahead of myself once more I think of a future Even though our friendship has just begun
She took the kaleidoscope in her hand and put her eye to its head. And it all was spinning, but still colored and bright and maybe glittering a bit, and that’s all that mattered, right? She thought.
friends, parents, teachers,  all seem to have only one thing to say to a child desperately seeking advice: "just be yourself!" it becomes the core theme of children's shows on disney or nickelodeon
My revolution is the intentional endings assigned to life.My revolution will not be brushed aside.My revolution will comfort the heart broken and despised.My revolution will hide the guns, knives, and ropes.
The dark grass glitters; the frost lies like white diamonds ‘neath deadbolted clouds.   The trees stand frozen. They creak and crack with each move like old men stretching.  
I hate testing, the way it makes me feel nervous  and unprepared prior to approaching it. The anxiety of failure lurking in the shadows afterwards. During, enduring a twisted metal contraption,
How can it be that when I see a tree, I see life in it's purest form and beauty. Yet you see a tree and all you believe is that it's taking up space. I can't believe the human race!
I am young. Smooth, Fresh and clean. Youth of today, Leader of tomorrow. Open hearted. Open minded. Free to be, what I want to be. A spirit not yet confined to the rules of society.
Every leaf Shakes the hand of another, For they all share the same branches, And they all share the same tree. If every person
It was a hot day at Yiyah's So we went inside to play A game of Sleeping Beauty That soon went astray.   All three sat on the capet Criss-cross applesauce. I laid out the rules
Writing essay entries as if they were my diary entries I try to write two a day, but some days I wrote nothing, other days I write everything. No time to waste, gotta write those essays.
Everyone knows the story of the man and the mouse His famous stories flood through every house
The girl thats hurting, from long days. Head throbbing, feeling alone. Missing school, pushing herself to hard.  Still she smiles, nothing phases her.  For she is the girl, who lived, who survied. 
Her        Hands shook as she took the steaming bowl from the tray.        Her oversized winter coat was threadbare and frayed.        I could tell it had been a long time since her last meal.
Long ago, I found a tree. Alone it stood by the sea. I went beneath its brilliant shade And all my troubles there I laid. To the tree, at night, I stole And released the sorrows of my soul.
Blue skies and green grasses, Evergreen and oak and apple trees. But damage caused by the masses Lies beyond this dystopia in disguise.   Picture perfect white houses, sports cars, and planes,
This generation is the end they all say. We hear this by teachers at least once a day. You will amount to nothing is frequently stated By those we look up to not those who are hated.
Having to be in no particular place- Yes, you read that right. What a superb sensation! We must scurry to our destination.
  It don't matter to me No way, no how. I'm right here Smack dab in the middle. So no way's it gonna matter to me. And I ain't diggin' no concrete coffin. No backyard mausoleum
I am a mixture. A swirl. A combination. A blend. A concoction of two different nations. I am two parts color and two parts white. One half day. One half night. Two separate parts of two separate wholes
A transparent water droplet, seemingly microscopic in the grand scheme of things.   But one must not forget that a butterfly's wings can cause a tsunami.  
I won the case, my prize? One way ticket to paradise. I take my people and go The land is vast, they said We don’t need your savagery, they said My people’s tears trace the trail
Missiles of mistrust and combating reality, 
The song you wrote me still hides in my closet Just a useless paper filled with lies It dies to have a purpose Maybe I’ll find one that will suffice   Wrapping paper for a white elephant gift
What’s wrong with the world?We live in a world where grades are more important than learning.We live in a world where college, which is supposed to launch you into a prosperous career,
Education is the way to go They say the more we learn the more we earn Go to school get good grades and one day it will pay. Read them books and write them essays Answer the questions and pass the exams.
One moment, a multitude of thoughtsThe fear swells up like a raging stormIt envelopes my muscles and my knees go weakLet it go, clear my head, take the leapTwo shoes over, one step back
We wait in thick silenceWhile a genocide sleepsClaim to see all,When they know the leastThe mighty get mighterAnd the weak, they bendWhile we're made to sufferFor the ignorance of old men
Chance is a thing known and disliked by almost all. Whether the changes be big or small, short or tall, made during the spring or the fall, change is always change.  
To you it’s just a word But it makes her soul burns And leads to that knife She takes that first slice And though the cut hurts She’d rather feel that pain
It has been five yearsFive years.Five years since I left my home, my friends, My love.  
Turn around and see The mirror on the wall. Face it with all your strength And stare into the eyes As they glare back. The emptiness you normally see Has vanished.
The room, it beckoned me sound To waltz again round and round. “Dance with destiny and test your fate.” What it held, I was unsure. That which beckoned did quite lure.
Look at the stars The rain, how it falls The smell of the flowers And the grass so tall The rushing of the wind
I’ve lost all faith, all my trust in the world has dissipated into thin air. It floats away as a mist that I can feel but can no longer grasp. How can something that you know
Oh permanence! I long to live Life with actions like a pencil.             Not ink…   Removal of mistakes and Forgiveness for lost words.             Not ink…  
It's a thing that you see as a little girl watching Bugs Bunny The woman who comes out to sing in the end of the opera cartoon is big and fat And then you grow up and hear that it's "not over til the fat lady sings" 
  Where does it stem from? The disgusting glum, The unfounded hate, That secures a poor boy’s fate.   If he’s not straight or a bit overweight, There’s no debate. Who are you to judge
Family and friends enrich my life,
The farm was so far away.
  Thank you,
I am a phenomenal woman! I am black, strong, proud, and hopeful. I am some so sweet, but like anyone else, I won't let you step on me. I am different and hard to comprehend. I someone weird, a true friend.
On Valentine’s Day you gave me a teddy bear In return I gave you my heart You said “Take good care of him he’s my favorite” I said “Here, no strings attached”
Maybe we could educate men That no always means no And I guess we could educate women too That it's not your fault What he did to you Even if he was your boyfriend A random stranger
God is my strength when I am weak He is my hope when my world is shattered
During the night Look up into the sky And try with all your might Not to lie   Think of everything youve done Think of everything you do
Do you ever wonder If this is the right thing to do? Do you ever get paralyzed With fear Because you don’t want to wake Forty years old Look back and just say “What the hell?”
Today is the day my friends we walk into a life a life that will shortly end we walk out on our own hoping to find a home a home for our hearts a home for our lives
Today is my cheat day, Or maybe my cheat week, A smirk of a smile, Of diets and exercise I do not speak, The guilt forgotten because I seek, The delicious foods no longer I sneak,
The last glance is always the heaviest. Even though you'd stared at the concrete front steps thousands of times as you stepped your feet up them one, two, three.
withered petals, dented leaves, and crusty, dried dirt blanket the ground beneath our souls. the rain is cold but fresh; nature burns the vestiges of fall and cerulean forget-me-nots remember me.  
When you’re alone in the castle When even the mice have gone When the moonlight shadows stalk And it’s a long time till dawn When you cannot hear a voice Because the walls block out the sound
That tear you saw Represents all the pain i have suffered The built up anger,hate, and frustration That had been bestowed upon me That tear isn't any ordinary tear It isn't the cry for attention or pity It's the tear of someone so broken inside I
Sometimes growing up Is like the first day of school. You aren't sure what to do, You aren't sure who you are, Or what you want For lunch or for life.   The second day of school
To the students we are "freaks" To the staff we are "special" To the administration we are "wasting time" To our parents we are "going through a phase".   But to the script we are life
Anxiety flows over you, toppling and sending radical shivers of coldness throughout your body. It makes a cold sweat and a nervous shake; Causing overthinking and a racing heart.
It was during one hot summer’s day—the Sun—ripe—Fat—That a droplet of sweat—fell to the grass—lifeless--dead—flat—
Me Self I Mainly engaged Sometimes energetic, lonley or fading I hope, I dream, I wish, I want I have finally learned That I am myself And that myself can fight for me
Recently, I started writing myself into corners And writing myself into corners And writing myself into corners And writing myself into corners.   STOP.   There is no way out
You Only Write Once Scholarship Slam
How would you feel
I am a lover of words, of prose, of poetry Something about the way the vowels and consonants create varying Syllables that ebb and flow, forming something beautifully aureate
We find ways to make it. We are stronger than we think. Most believe they will break So they give up at the brink.   It is when you are near the end. Do most quit,
You left me that day. You told us to grab a bite to eat. When we put our key in thekeyhole, there was something different. IT NO LONGER TURNED... I wondered as a 3 year old young girl about what this all meant.
The wrangled wallet lay on the desk, Full of clutter i brush it aside, Showing  cash and only an ID, Currious i pick it up again, I flip it open and look inside, Lost memories fill my empty room,
Her heart breaks at every sight she holds her breath tight
  Let me tell you a little story about a cat I know, That wen’t from love to loss not too long ago, From inside a warm house to outside in the rain, Nobody cared about her struggles, hunger, or pain,  
My mother is an atheist, any notion of God
Looking to the East never gave me peace, but Lifting up his shirt to feel his body heat. Waking to the West so sure of my end, and His brave soul to house my heart – take me in.
The life I abided to was never my own.
At age 16,  My momma said to me, You're gonna marry some boy, Who cares about bein' free?
Hashtag Hashtag Hashtag   Hash tag.
A dream is not something to take lightly A dream is not something to parade around A dream is something to hold close to your heart for fear someone may steal it A dream is something your heart knows you need
Look in th mirror, What do you see? Look in te mirror, Is that you or me? You say it's me, But i do not see. The girl in he mirror, Cannot be me. I'm standing in front of it,
I miss the days, When all I had to do, Was wake up on Saturday mornings, Just to watch the Looney Tunes.   Lucky Charms in a bowl, And a Scooby-Doo spoon.  With an innocent soul,
You only live once, It's time to grow up and be classy, Put on that red dress, Strut your stuff down the cat walk, Mommy and Dady watching, You want to make them proud,
I do my homework, I go to church, I never get in trouble, Why doesn't he love me yet? I've cut my hair, I've changed my clothes, I laugh at his jokes, Why doesn't he love me yet?
You don't own me.. My past is dead. It holds no meaning What happened happened. I need to be free of it; I need to believe in feelings that are true, That are beautiful, that are real. 
I am not free.  I am trapped in a world that bases your worth 
There's ice in my veins, cold steel in my bonesWrought iron bars across my heart, and the highway is my home.I sing a song for the weary, a song for the broken soul
The time looms closer To when this journey is over And we begin our lives anew. Look forward to our futures,
Blood is the strongest bond. You've heard the cliche, but it's right. There's no other possible way that I can explain it, FAMILY COMES FIRST. I didn't have much growing up.
Recumbent here I lie
Light like the dandilions in the midsts of April.Fresh like the grass gleaming greenCalm like the summers breezeExilirating like the morning humming birds 
Education. To me-
Opportunity cost – the benefits you could have received by taking an alternative action  Whether to reap the comfort and benefits of the moment, thus gambling the future,
What is true beauty?  If not honesty and kindness  Some think appearance  to have that hour glass body and a pretty face To look like models on tv to have the attention, the spotlight
    As a female
  I am not angry. All I want to do is place myself far from view and release a shrill demonic sound. I want my voice to carry, for my scream to vibrate the air.  
  The fog hides it all. How tall is that building? I don’t know where I’m going.   I need to keep on Looking, searching; failing; The fog hides it all.
Innocent people being hooked on the blue book, becoming dull robots that speak in code; it comes in your sleep taking your intellect like a crook, by bribing you with a new mode.
As a child you’d like to believe you could trust the world to be Everything you’d want it to be Such innocence in seeing life in an easier point of view Nothing sugar-coated Just straight forward
Am I the one who will change the world? Am I going to be remembered in history? Am I going to allow others to hold me back? Am I willing to make sacrifices to succeed? Am I making a positive impressions on others?
You were the greatest woman I'd ever had the privilege to know. You were beautiful, still, Lying motionless in the quiet darkness, Breathing slow, distant, Almost nonexistent,
Some of us were Volcanoes in a past life Could’ve been something else But had a mission way too hot to be anything human Women were once fire mountains.
Humans are drugs to me. Tucked together in a cabinet out of neccessity. I'm a fool, popping person after person. Each package labelled with the empty promise of progression.
Letterers with numbers That's all they get
Trust worty as a Strawberry Tree Innocent as a tattoo Never the confiteor, never the shame-faced
Calm down take a breath...  there isn't much to say society is becoming the victim while the rest of the world is a dictator. telling you how to dress and play the game of life.
I look around me, and everything is changing. We are growing up, don't you see? We are actually aging.   Yes, we are in high school Junior year to be exact Reality will hit soon though,
I had a thought, Maybe two.
You caught me with the tears running down my cheek
Since the day you were born You stood proud and tall  Living each day Not afraid of the fall   You help others in need Without a second thought Your kind words and embrace
    My mother was not alone, For she had a lady with all she lacked. Her name was a sweet blossom. They were my saviors, my commanders, my explorers. I shared these ladies with many,
But I begged her to come downstairs because the guests were waiting. 
Dearest daddy we were always so close Your magic tricks and games made me love you the most But I was only three when I would finally see What you were doing to mommy and when you left me
You Only Write Once Why does this matter? Why do I care? Why would my generation hashtag and share?   For starters we live  in a technological age where every word, thought and idea
Truth be known this is a poet’s story Of agony, pain Glorified dismissal Acceptance at the blow of a whistle That as we speak a child is forcibly falling to their knees
There was a time that I went crazy and that's all you need to know and it's happened more than once, Who'd guess I'd get so low. I'd like to say he saved me But it's so much more than salvation
I want the real world There is nothing here for me School yields no knowledge
It was once said in a lovely song That love makes the world go round But what happens if we lose all faith And can no longer find happiness or love? Has the world become so full of hate?
Strive to wake up before the rest of the world.Watch as the sky paints a picture of a new dayWatch the birds chirp a new songWatch the earth come to life before your very eyes 
The sensation I felt replaced the darkness I ran to it hoping that it was mutual For years I stuck by you Praying for the truth With endless nights of wistful wishing
A tedious gnawing at my tummy Strays my eyes from the board. The disparity is doubled. How can I pay attention? When I can’t pay for food?
  Her only love from her only hate. She only hopes it is not too late To learn if his love is true, For by his love she is consumed.
There once was a boy from Ohio Who applied for scholarships like wild Well I am that boy and  College will cost some bands Give me the cash that you've compiled
Here I sitHere I sit in a bed no bigger then me,With blankets tossed,
I remember that I was irrevocably and hopelessly in love with him. Everything about him drew my eyes like magnets.
I'll come right out and say it-- I envy you. Your ability to Leave it all behind, and Escape To where nobody can touch you.
Don't be discouraged when they fight your beliefs When they attack you for what you know to be right The are simply afraid of you You present a threat to their narrow world view
Don't ever give up on the life you are given! Strive to be the best you can be, to show the world who you are! You wan't to know who I am?
I still remember that look in your face
What is love?Love is a bond that we share. Love is our superglue that keeps us together. Love can be contagious just like a deadly disease.
It is time to wake up to the sound of the world, such a world that consumes its habitants with dreams and goals that come and go with no reward left for those
I am terri
We are inventions of a maddening scientist
Having trouble starting a poem about somone I adore so greatly Is like somone having trouble walking again I should have this down innately. Personally I'm struggling to come to terms with the reality of not seeing you,
I try to keep myself from lashing out. Cause if I do I feel that I would only be without. You'd think that people understand but they're a sloppy mixture, they still believe in stupid boxes with the moving pictures.
She told me she got a bad grade on our last math test The problem is, she told me while crying. Why would you cry over math? The simple answer: Everything. Is. Math. Literature? Math. History? Math.
She saw stars. Bright as day in the blackness of night. Beacons of hope in a perpetual unknown.   But they dulled. They dulled as did the twinkle in her eye.
Days fly by and nights linger coldly, And I stand watching through the window, As the sands of time slip through the hourglass slowly, And yet I am ever-still as I keep vigil over those below.
 Sometimes I wonder could this really be,
   Sea….We all carry these thingsThat nobody else can see.
I hope that when you kiss her, you taste the sorrow of her soul. and I hope that it saadens you to the point, you no longer watnt to exist. Because you died to me long ago,
And to this day I will admit that all I ever wanted was to hold your hand For the thought of my fingers playing in your palm Sent shivers everywhere Postage stamps weren’t cheap
  Do you ever stop and ask yourself why? Why are you here and the meaning of life? Everybody lives, but only to die. So tell me what’s the real meaning of life?  
Music is my life, my love and my passion i'm not conerned with the trends, the gossip or the fashions i'm not worried about what other people say so I just put my headphones in and let the music play  
scattered blue on the floor broken lives knocking at her door
Tip tack tippy tack is the sound of thhe caalcuaters ringing no flowers or song sing for me will it be .See I let my mind flow unwilling  letting my mind tell you the things i want you to see.
      Not Like Others
Why is there such disrespect For all those that we know? Why is there such prejudice Are you putting on a show?   Why does the color of your skin Or the gender that you like
Dear Audience.. Hear me now.. In case I can’t speak tomorrow.. You see sorrow.. And follow as sharks inside of water.. When they see blood... Of some one claimed to be crippled... Their perfectly well... Perfectly fine... Well in mine.. Etc... For
For I have wasted 12 years For do not get wrong of the educational experience Just time better spent would be simple Being the little time we have on this planet To actually doing something with our lives
Only with a finger prick, do we truly see what lies within. What can you do, when your own body decides to attack you? From the inside out, you slowly die. Faster than most,
  The rocky surface i feel  beneath my feet. Gliding like an arrow  in the wind.  My hair gets in my face  and i gently push it in back  of my ears. Every inch of my 
So many choices  That I can't make for myself  So many places That I can't go and explore  Let me make my plans So that I may have control  Let me do my thing  So that I may learn to grow 
  I am not my reflection I am not my reflection I am not my reflection And if I am not how I look to myself, I’m sure as hell not how I look to you.  
                I dont think it ever mattered to me. It never mattered how I use to take care of you when you should have been taking care of me.
This is a poem for those who left and those that are left.   I. This is a hanging poem, Love is a hanging poem.
How many pills do you drink a day? None? I drink ten. How many eyes do you have starting at your way?None?I have one too many. How many voices do you hear while no one else does?None?I hear more than twenty.They all scream,They all cry,They all wh
I found lovein all sorts of places.I could coax it into appearingeven when a heart was withanother,though those weightswill never drop.I found it in the dog-eared pages
Sometimes dreams seem too far awayEven when you want to seize the dayEven when it feels just within reachHopes can die with a piercing screech
  He went to war.  He went to die. He went to battle for you and I. He was not forced to do this thing. He did it, because of the Liberty Bell’s ring. He left his family, his only kin.
Bullying is wrong, so why do we do it? Does it bring pleasure to hurt others feelings? Maybe we all need to start to commit. I, for one, am against the killings, of a smaller kid's pride. And him felling unfil
It’s horrible To be stuck in a place While wanting to fly Far above space   Dreams, illusions, future schemes So bright they show Through a huge thick glass window So close do they seem!
Sleepless Owl in the eyes of the sun.    Mocking thy simple existence in this perpetual world.  Starved by the thought of food, craving the ruby red taste of wine.  The owl saw this miserable creature and made a faint smile.   The owl spoke," I kn
Hello, sir! How do you take it? Cream, sugar, both, black? Actually, none, thanks. Take it back. If I wanted a cup, I'd call you up. But I don't need a single drop. So, you can stop.  
these things that i paint inside your head things of beauty, words perfectly said but just when i think its all figured out the color has faded as the canvas decay
They enjoy chiffon dresses of blue and white Ribbons on hair of straw People made of China's best porcelain Painted with faces bright and white...  Little houses and little steeples
For as long as I could remember I've used writing as an escape When I came home to an empty house, so contradictory Full of expectations of me  I wrote I filled page upon page with beauty and pain
  There is no telling what shall lie ahead, The future is hardly meant to be known. No one can guess what is best left unsaid, And who can assume how the dice are thrown?
I didn’t mean to be rude, sir; it is not that you, yourself, frightened me, for you were pleasant and kind. You liked my hair, you said, but your lips said you dreamt not of tugging it salaciously,
Question the way you live, What meaning do you give? Answers never there, not even in evening prayer.   On one unforgivable day you will have the chance to stray. Before you make the mistake
Fixate your  narrow point of view On that pedestal you thought I'd never reach. Listen to my ballad of words spew from my brain Down to my mouth and across the plain. The audience is roaring and standing up tall,
I am only seventeen and I might not have one clue on what a good relationship could mean, but observing what I have seen between multiple people around me, I have created a list of things that a relationship needs to be. There are six of them.
Well I succeeded When I thought I had mended The door receded, the colors blended And my mind surrendered to the feelings rendered. I want a peace that is pieced together and not falling apart Like my heart
She was death incarnate, a toxic drug. My health was at risk, but still, I took her. I was afflicte with this mental bug. A year of my life, nothing but a blur.   Her heroin was potent and lustful.
im afraid we're falling apart you know that its true you were always to smart but it can't just be you i've nothing to offer yet offer i do over and over making you beleive its true
It’s a disease. I can’t help it. I have to be right. I crave perfection. I am not a know-it-all; I just like to be correct.
You’ve been given the opportunity, To make your life easier for Eternity. You ignore the gifts given to by God, Then you have the nerve to say “How odd?”
Mine eyes have seen the coming the comming of many things, But as things pass by my eyes they become many goings.   My feet know many back allies that have kept me off my trail.
There is no fragrance more compellingthan the trace of a cup of coffee,raw umber mixed with ivory,dancing together until they are one,as daylight shows its head.
You and me fell in love a perfect melody, we intertwine so beautifully like song lyrics to a beat you make me feel so complete a fair tale relationship perfect in every way
From where i stood, Tecate Baja California. 20 feet from the line. 20 feet from a different world. from where i stood all was mine. i step across that fence and I'm swirled.
Solid jaw, ridgeline held, promising belief, factors controlling a fate future cannot withdraw nervous attention strapped to a shivering last name Attention. Right-Face. Parade-Rest. Follow through.
Yes ! its almost that time GRADUATING,
One cigarette at a time, your time fell short// A life in desperate need of support??
Follow your dreams they say Then they say your dreams are dumb To be or not to be? Obviously, not to be Do what you want they say Then they say what you want to be is dumb Don't do that, you will mess up
I look around and I am surrounded totally, completely, utterly surrounded like a cocoon But this isn't a nice and cozy surrounding, this is garbage on the ground, cigarettes ground to stubs surrounding.
Spinning  I guess that's the only way to describe it Aimlessy wandering trying to hide your own confusion Reaching and grabbing  Hoping that maybe this time, you'll get what you've been after Spinning
The Last Night  Her little bird bones grasping for comfort Against one golden laden ring The story book life coming to a close, Now rediscovered by those left behind.
What is time? By definition its an indefinite continued progress of existance But is there even such a thing? We measure time with numbers, But there are no numbers in the sky, on our bodies
The only thing I find important, is the mixing of words called poetry. Depsite the fact mine's irrelevant, It's the only thing I have left you see.   Even when the media tells me,
Fear bumped past me in the street Whispered my life's nameless defeat Left me on my knees Telling me I'm never gonna please Terror crept into my room late last night
  Out along requisite’s bay Up before the sun How to begin each day I have started my run   The pain embraced Little voices suppressed My blissful place Where my soul can rest
The life I live The life I live isn't easy Hmph I want to see you walk a day in my shoes You think the life I live is all breezy and easy Hell no! You don't even know the half of it
Why don't you understand?If you like me, & I like youThen why do our problems expand? We fight, we loveAnd end the night with a hugBut everyday that I'm with youWe fight so much that we're immune. I miss you moreYou miss me lessWe run in circl
He smiled at me but not with his mouth, no, this man smiled with his eyes. you see, this man was a stranger to me, never met him once before, yet somehow I knew him. Funny, but,
  Sleepy Little Farm Town, Provider of Produce, Maker of Hay Town of Believers, Gateway to Alabama; Country, Redneck, Strong, Town of Tradition:  
              Degree of Labor By: Trumere Butler 11/11/13 Questions as bitter as a lemons juice plagues all. How?
Reputations and Representations of such Are getting hard to keep up You want to fit in To be in "the norm" Yet you want to be an individual You are Trapped  
People on the screen don't exisit anymore All that's there are explosions and products to buy And this makes me burn. The screen has become a bible more or else, it's what society bases it's joys and pains on. 
I feel a sort of numbness An everlasting sickness I am trapped in my own mind, I’m so worried all the time. Will it kill me to let you know? Would it kill me to make it show?
In little time a great journey is coming to a end From doing childish thing to becoming men At the beginning everyone was your friend but slowly that numbers decreases by the tens
THESE WORDS Words scream out joyously like the children in the street on a hot summer day. Words coat me in a sticky sweat like the humidity of the swamps of Florida in August.
Reverence-  demonstrated through my parent's beliefs and their ropes on my limbs-- that you would dive in foreign ocean's despite the ropes on your mind    Gravity-
I sit here and think How have I come to be, This young man that has transformed It all matters to me. I see how my world has unfolded In one year more than three, And I appreciate those years
The home of a traveler Is not really a home, But more of a way of life. The home can be furnished nicely With a chipper mood and a broad smile. The furniture is all in place 
Remember this And Remember it well For it may only be remembered once   Look at me What do you see?
i'd never once think,in life i would commit,30 grand that i don't have,to hopefully make it.
To this day I cannot believe  Such a thing happened to me On a midsummer’s eve. However it began that morning  When the heated rays were felt Giving me a warning. So I took more then one
The real story is among us, We know you've been hurt. No one is around for you to trust, all you know is suffering, and you've been broken. No light shining through, your dark skies that surround you.
So ladies and gentlemen!!Get ready for a no-chance SUMO WRESTLING fightIntroducing the contestants....on the blue side,is the all time professional BIG SUMO BROTHER.And on the red side,
There's beauty in the simple things How the sun kisses the water, the way the morning bird sings Oh yes, there's beauty in the simple things   A girl taking her hair down after a long day,
Pause quickly the world Gravity rudes heaven’s tears Force pressures weak creations Trimming a mockingbird’s years.   Pause quickly the world Rain’s mercy left too mocked
Pity the puppet! For not wicked is she, But unjustly a victim Of master's decree. And pity the master! For puppet he is too, Though with much power, Thus unaware that 'tis true.
Now lately Daddy's been counting days  Mommy’s wishing she could count sheep She's saying "let's reconsider", he's saying he's not going to keep Not caring if she weeps, this is the part where it gets deep
Don't they say That love is a battlefeild However, I dont see that Love isn't the place where a battle is won or lost Love is the man crouched behind a pile of shrapnel Sobbing
Its just me and you in this room, so no need for all the lies. Time to face the naked truth, unmask it from its disguise. There's something I need to tell you, it's been weighing on my mind all day.
Writing in pen is  permanent. Mistakes and all.  I only write once.
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