A dark door

Pich with deceit

Secured under a lock

A different key for every secret

A key for a lie

Too tiring to close

A slip to burst open

Skeletons piled high

Past spread wide

Every lie a charm sspended

There are no boundaries

A black hole

One to each unfortunate soul

A single key lost...

Skeletons become animated

Past a force with new strength

Lies crash to shatter

Then a violent shaking

One to rattle the Earth!

A desperate SLAM of the dungeon door

Body a baricade against disaster

Then still silence

Heart returns to a soft


A grateful breath and a foolish smile


A new force

Slight press

Another push


Backing away in disbelief

Terror grips a racing heart

Prayers, prayers, prayers

Begging please


The skeletons creep to stand

Shards of lies race underfoot

Past a black tar swallowing to floor

Running can give you nothing

Choked words

Low gurgling

Deafening screeches

Blood mixed with tar

Drowing in the hidden past

Slaughtered by evil lies

And the skeletons, well

They finally came out to play





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