In jail time I found myself in,
Captivated by the illusion of the night.
My soul is overwhelmed with sorrow to the point of death.
I know there was hope but I could not see her.

The obscurity of the night filled with joy my room,
Knowing that there was nothing I can do.
I can see him laughing at my solitude. 

But I couldn't hold it more, I stood up like Samson,
And faith became a reason of my own. 
Finally I see her coming, intrigued with her smile.
She pretended to be lost,but no my hope has been found.

I though she did not exist, but she's a very vital need. 
Don't be negative in life because you are hopeless.
Live life because is worth it.




My favorite part of my poem is the last stanza because many people  tend to give up hope. But hope is something you need whithin you to keep going in life. Hope is a very vital need for humans beings.


 The poem is based on the importance of Hope in the human life. As an example i used Samson. A bible character whom in his weakness found strength and hope to destroys his enemies. The poem shows hope as something is worth to have within ourselves.

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