Fri, 01/03/2014 - 02:01 -- Kjuarez

Your words, they trickle while I stand in awe

As they float out of your mouth like bubbles I struggle to pop them before they reach her ea

Such darkness and vile created and submitted by the corners of your lips

You slapped the postage stamp on, you knew exactly the message you wanted to send

Your words like darts because you disagree

But can we help it?

We live in a society that teaches us self interest at age four


As dangerous as weapons


Our most powerful ability and yet we use them to destroy

Maybe there isn't just one correct way

But, instead of agreeing to disagree,

Conformity is stitched to my clothes

And we are put into our societal roles

Because I am a woman and I am expected to hold beauty

Which seems to be a rarity and uniqueness

Yet ironically similar in the faces society labels beautiful

And that is "what a woman does"

What a woman should do I will be taught the "right way"

What is expected of me

What will be accepted of me

At such a young age it is plastered in my brain

Held there for me to contain.

The "right way" for all the wrong reasons

The "right way" due to lack of knowledge

Because we know nothing bette

r And we are closed to understanding

That maybe we have it all wrong.

The resolution is the same as the problem

How does conflict start?

Words. How do we end it?



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