Beauty ( #YOWO )


One word causes so much pain for the younger generation.

Truth is, none of us are beautiful; at least not in society's context.

So if no one is "beautiful", how can anyone call a person ugly?

We are all ugly, but yet we are all beautiful.

Get it?

Because beauty isn't defined by how much makeup you can pile on your face

Or how much you workout.

Beauty isn't defined by your hair style or your choice of dress.

Beauty is defined by your heart, what is inside of you.

And since you don't let people see the real you, no one can see the beauty.

All they see is the fake and "ugly".

So the next time someone says "you're ugly" take it as a friendly criticism and suggestion.

By calling you ugly, they are asking to see the real you; the beauty.

They are telling you to be you

Because as long as you stay true to yourself

You will be beautiful.


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