The Woes of America

I won the case, my prize?

One way ticket to paradise.

I take my people and go

The land is vast, they said

We don’t need your savagery, they said

My people’s tears trace the trail

To the West we shall fail.


I finally get to vote

My skin, my gender

Doesn’t hold me back

But the person I voted for

Can’t even sit next to me

Because I am black.


The streets are paved with gold

Was what I was told

Away I went by myself

And now I look at a conveyor belt

Day after day night after night

I put up with this immigration fight.


While Hitler prosecutes the Jews

My culture is being slew

Into the camps I go

All because I resemble the foe

The war is over

What do I have?



Dainty and clean

I musn’t be mean

Stay at home

Wash the dishes, the clothes

The kids, the house and

Keep silent like a mouse.

I have no opinion

Just a sweet disposition.


Kicked out of my parents’ house

Because they say it’s not ok

To be gay.

In the name of God they hold up signs

While my self-esteem unwinds.


There is a light at the end of the way

Because tomorrow is a new day

The fresh start will tear apart

The prejudices that people

Have made and they

 will be washed away.

 For if people still believe

And if people hope, change will

Happened and America shall

Stay afloat.  




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