Me, Myself, and I

Me, myself, and I.

That's just all I am.

Living a nice life,

than all of a sudden BAM!

I question if this is me,

if this is all I really do.

For what I've become,

I think I'm overdue.

But something is there,

giving me enough hope.

While I have all this,

so much to cope.

They are there,

Waiting and watching.

When I fall,

they'll be there catching.

They admire and love,

the Person I've become.

They gave me everything,

It made me rather numb.

They're the people I give love and joy,

With everything I should.

Even though,

it's really all I could.

They give me a reason,

to never say Goodbye.

They give me a reason,

to always say Hi.

Just because that's

Me, Myself, and I.



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