Why boss, why? We shouldn't end the life of child due to the mistakes of the parents. I won't push the button, I won't. My boss looked perplexed, "Why do you seem so troubled." Nervously, I shook my head, "I can't, I won't," I said as I bit my lip. My boss snickered and bluntly said, "I think I can change your mind. As, you see, if I am forced to push button it will be on both the child and you." A weeping child was employed into into the room, and I stared. This poor child was being de-headed as a result of his parents disrepecting the king. It was not right. Suddeny, I felt tears casacade down my face. At that moment, everything was ready: blade sharp, button loose. Everything was ready but me, and not to mention the child. The child was forced into place, and my boss commanded, "Push the button, we are waiting" I refused, shaking my head. The boss looked disappointed and push the button, saying, "You're next." As the blade swung down, blood began to splatter, and so did my tears. Not only for the child, but for me, I was next. 


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