Highschool Life


Freshman, freshman, freshman.
They think they're so cool. "Yay, we're in highschool! We rule!"
No, I don't think so now leave that for the seniors.
But no worries, we've all been there. A little advice fishies, don't screw up your highschool life!
There's no such thing as "taking it chill". You still have to climb the rest of the hill.
I know, I messed up, but I brought myself back up, before it was too late. Yes, there's a lot of teachers that you'll hate.
Truth is, they actually want the best for you. Thanks to them, here you are, YOUR SENIOR YEAR!
Yes, it's time to focus. Maybe even more than you did before.
"College, college, college". That's what you'll hear all year! "Make sure you've done this and make sure you've done that!" C'mon you can do it, there's no doubt about that. Applications, letters of recommendation, resúmes, scholarships, financial aid. You're head is spinning, yes I know!
You've got this, you're almost crossing the finish line. "I've been accepted!" is the best feeling ever. A feeling of relief, you're now growing up. Say thankyou to your teachers, say thankyou to your yourself and give yourself a round of applause! You made it through your highschool life without giving up!


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