My Secret

I sit and marvel at the wonder of love

It's a griping force

It rages in the soul with feeling unknown



They surrond me

They comfort me

I hide theses in my sould as a secret


But yet share them with one

My heart is in his hands

 And his in mine

I cherish it

I hold it

I protect it

He is mine, my secret,

my beautiful, warming, comforting


The feelings he invokes overwhelm me

He fills me with unbridled joy.

To know that he loves me makes my soul shudder

my pulse studder

but his heart is steady.

His arms solid.

Enveloping me.

Protecting me.

His is mine

And I am his

And those two simple truths...

Are all I need.





This poem was written for the one that is most important to me.

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