Dear child 
I see you over there
All alone
No idea what to do
No idea where to go
Sitting there
In the dark
Wishing things had gone different
Wishing everything was the way you dreamed

Dear child
I want you to know
It's okay 
Everything will be fine
How could you have known
How could you have expected
That the one you love
Would crush your heart
Just like that

Dear child
I know your hurting
I know nothing feels right no more
I know you feel lost 
And wronged 
I know you wish you could change it all

Dear child
Know this
No matter how your feeling
No matter how bad it hurts 
Just know this
And keep it in your heart

Dear child
Everything will be alright
All the pain will go away
All the hurt will disappear
And all the sadness will evaporate
But until then 

Dear child 
it's OK 
It's not foolish
It's not stupid
It's fine
Go ahead 

Cry til you feel better
Cry your heart out
Cry til you can't no more
Until the sun shines at you door again

Dear child 
it's OK
Just Cry


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