Mediocre Expectations


You're caught in the current,
Along the mainstream life.
Trying to find yourself,
Trapped by others strife.
All you want is to help,
But you lose yourself along the way.
How can you go back?
It's the start of a new day.
Mediocre present, mediocre past,
What will define you?
Life's moving too fast.
If you make a change now
Will it be worth it in the end?
I haven't found a leg up,
In this whirldwhind they'll send.
Who is "they" you ask?
Wouldn't you like to know.
For "they" are different, a person to each.
The ones who push us far,
The ones who make us grow,
The ones who set the bar,
To us they will soon bestow.
Write your own tale.
For when the chance is long gone,
All around you will change,
The ease for growth will be done.


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