Fri, 01/31/2014 - 20:09 -- jesscts


                                     Shutting the Door to the Unwanted and the Unknown



                                                  I do not know why this is me.

                                                  I do not know who I am to be.

                                                I know that I am not fully happy,

                                              but God will take complete care of me.

                                               There is so much I do not speak of,

                                                   There is very little bit of love,

                                  That is why I only believe and trust in the man above.

                                                      For he will help me to fly,

                                                              to fly like a dove.

                                             I will NOT be trapped inside- No More.

                                                 God, I ask you to lock this door.

                                            May I never Re-Open it, NEVER MORE.


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