Music in Me


Music is my life, my love and my passion

i'm not conerned with the trends, the gossip or the fashions

i'm not worried about what other people say

so I just put my headphones in and let the music play


Country, rock, rap, people argue about superiority of these genres

they want to know if you listen to Luke Bryan, green day or rihanna 

but with music people should never pick favorites

they should appreciate all music no matter what it's name is


when I get home from school I like to relax

I sit down at my mac so I can lay down a couple tracks

I shut my eyes until all I see is black

and in a few minutes the music just hits me, smack


Even though I love instruments, I can do without

all i need is my mic, my mac, and my mouth

this is a message from yours truly, Austin Henry

i don't need anything else because the music is in me


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