The Fire Woman

Some of us were Volcanoes in a past life

Could’ve been something else

But had a mission way too hot to be anything human

Women were once fire mountains.

We were sulfuric geysers ready to sing and meet the sky somewhere in between

We were colors…the blue of the sea

Reflective in all its raw light and aquatic fury

We used to populate in water births

And give life to evolution

We were revolutions

Wars for change

And city rains

 Before there were cities

Our spirits turned the stomachs of Gods proclaiming woe to flawed creation

We were creators

The mediums between darkness and life;

What is more powerful than a womb?

What other matriarchal symbol can hold so many birthdays?

We were the caves and curves of Africa in her thriving state

When pyrimids played sundial with the sky

And the moon lived 2 doors down from heaven

WE WERE mothers of the cosmos. Taught the universe how to speak to God and taught the wind to love herself after she taught us how to fly

Why…have we traded our wings in exchange for insecurities

Why are we on bended knees

Prostrate before men and trees, trying to find love in idolatry?

Sisters of the human race seem to share the strange desire

To worship the pain, lust, greed

and follow demons into the fire

We are dying. Spiritually

We are Leaves dancing and spitting ashes from the same burning tree.

In threesomes with materialism, sex, and society,

Mistaking these for the holy trinity

I miss the long walks I would take in the Garden

Adam, God and I

In Eden

Before the fruit called me out of my woman hood

Tricked me out of my right to be pure and a human star

I was once able to move mountains with my faith

At one time I could hold conversations with the night sky

I could scold the sea for his many mistresses

And I knew the secrets the sun hid behind his back

But I have forgotten

I was a palm tree, I was baptismal water falling as rain from a storm

I was a sun shower

I was a warrior

I was a princess


I knew I was beautiful

I ruled with my spirit and casted evil from my part of the earth

I dreamt I was volcano in a past life

Could’ve been something else but had a mission way too hot to be anything human

Our mission is too hot to be anything less

than a fire storm of phenomenal women

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