Wed, 01/22/2014 - 01:38 -- itsbhua

Reality is but an illusion, 

The heart a magician. 

The mind is audience, 

Shifting like winds of society. 


Reality is but an illusion, 

Trickery of every kind. 

A masked criminal hiding in plain sight, 

Stealing glances and mockery of those he calls victim. 


Reality is but an illusion, 

A game played by all. 

The cost a mere life, 

But the price a soul. 


We may not all live, 

But we are all alive. 

Our hearts ache for love and, 

Our minds for companionship. 

Pens may write only once, 

Yet words outlast the ever. 


But reality is nothing more, 

Reality is but an illusion. 


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