The Confession

I still remember that look in your face

It glowed in mystery.

My heartbeat accelerated by the second

As I gazed into your glistening eyes.


The knot in throat tightened

As I awaited to hear words break through your lips.

Fear expanded and loomed within my mind;

I forcefully began to bit my lips

To keep from screaming out in anxiety.


Alas! You flush your emotions out

Confessing your infinite love.

A fiery sensation loomed within me;

The chills of joy flowed in the air.


Never in a billion years did I expect this outcome,

And never in a billion years would I change it.

You took my hands and warmed my heart,

You looked into my eyes and saw my soul.


Now everyday our love grows,

As my happiness blooms like a sunflower

But instead of being nurtured by the sun,

It is nourished by someone like you.



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