Show Me the Way

Tue, 01/21/2014 - 11:36 -- 14akern



you entered this world

with your heart beating faint

i smiled first at you with little sincerity

i didn’t want to fall in love

i didn’t want to get hurt in the end


yet your curly little hair and your big blue eyes

seeped deep into my heart and began to arise

you took ahold of my hand and led me through

showing me how to truly sincerely fall in love with you


your pudgy little legs

your pudgy little cheeks

you were beautiful lovely cherished unique

you called me awmber

you taught me the trains

you sang with spongebob

you roared with lions


your heart was stronger than any i knew

you loved one and all

no matter what they would do

you showed me to love life

no matter what

abandoning all pain fear and fuss


after a short three years

you were forced to slow down

they say the cancer had won

but i knew that wasn’t the end


for we were the winners

we got to love you

you were a gift from the angels

only for a short time on loan


yet still in my heart

i see your pudgy little cheeks

your sweet little voice

your loving of life


i thank you God for my sweet little friend

i can not wait dear baby to see you again


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