Negative Numbers


She told me she got a bad grade on our last math test

The problem is, she told me while crying.

Why would you cry over math?

The simple answer:

Everything. Is. Math.

Literature? Math.

History? Math.

How so? Grades.

Definition: ascribing a numerical value to things that may not be so simple.

Quantifying quality

Hammering nails into your interpretations, ideas, words; the fruit of your brain is picked

Picked apart and cooked and mashed and the remainder rots in a dark corner.

What do you mean that’s not your forte?

What do you mean you aren’t great at everything?

You ought to fix that.

You’re a visual learner? Auditory? Kinesthetic? All? None? So what.

Liberal arts is fantastic until

Numbers enter the equation.

The Holy Trinity: Grade, Point, and Average. Amen.

Why are people penalized for excelling at something

 But not everything?

Then I understood why she cried over a math test

All of school was a 12 year math test.

And no matter how high you score

You fail.


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