Meet Me Halfway


I was a bird
afraid to spread my wings
but one day I stopped listening to the voices that said
"You're not good enough"
"You're not pretty enough"
"A guy like that would never like a girl like you"
and so ...I flew into the sky
He was rain, and me;
a hurricane
I gambled my heart 
in a risky game
Remember those days when I finally found the courage to speak to you?
and you'd only stand there looking stupid 
with those big brown eyes
that would only stare into mine
Then I'd see you talking to those other girls
And I'd sit there and think
"I wish he would talk to me like that"
Not as a lover, but as a friend
... you didn't meet me halfway 
But what made me so different?
Was it my dorky glasses? My big hair?
Why is it that when they called to you, you were there?
But when it was me, you never cared
like the stars miss the sun
in the morning sky
you and I will never collide
my screams and shout were never enough
my battle was tough
but you... didn't meet me halfway
Our miscommunications confused my intentions
I desired your attention
But you denied my affections
you flipped me upside down
but i can see clear from here
that you're a mess of a boy
you'll cry these tears for years
for you are you
and I am I
I may not be some exotic flower
But I will show you 
that I am more
More than a gamble
More than 5.7
And I... Don't need you to meet me halfway 



Brilliant just brilliant nothing less maybe a little praise is needed. brilliantly written built up and the rhyme scheme was messy but so clean at the same time

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