This is not the end


United States

When I think to the future

I can not imagine it without her

I understand everyone has an end

but this timing is not right

this was supposed to be one of the best years

senior year

last year best year is the cliche

that has been used time and again

yet I find myself

being taunted by the fact that the one

who has been there since the start

days are numbered due to a six letter word

at which people take so lightly

as if it were a joke,

I was one of those people

until the six letter word sentenced my rock

I am not laughing now

that the person who I tell everything to

my dreams my passions

my fears, even the things that have brought me to tears

can be gone in a blink of an eye

Cancer has striked my mother

but it will not defeat her

because this is not her end

the war has just begun

this is a battle we will not loose

I will keep my faith through these rocky days



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