Rome & Juliet Balcony Scene (A Geek's Point of View)

What ray of light beams through that square of glass?
It is the computer and Juliet is the internet popping up!
 Re-Boot, fair hardware, and remove the virus,
That you, her firewall, are far more advanced than she is,
Don’t be her firewall, since she is so jealous.
Her clean, red cheerleading dress is unappealing and gross
And only preps wear it; take it off and dispose of it!
It is my girl; O, it is my favorite app!
O I wish she knew she was my favorite app!
She speaks yet she does not type: what does that mean?
She seems to be typing now, I will reply to this.
I’m too daring, she’s not answering to me.
Two of the best lenses in all of the cameras,
Having some schedule, her eyes decipher,
To visualize in their sockets till the camera returns.
What if her secret codes where there, they in her head?
The sparks of her knowledge would shame electronics,
As daylight shames a lamp; her eyes in geek heaven
Would stream so brightly through the screen
So that keyboards would click and think it was day.
See how she leans her hand upon that mouse!
O I wish I were that mouse
So that I might touch that hand!


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