Family and Friends

Family and friends enrich my life,

Always ridding my life of strife.

Many of my days would’ve been very blue

If they didn’t act as wonderfully as they do.

Love is what unites us, reminding us that we belong

Year after year, no matter what, we always get along.


Anytime trouble arises I know who to call—

Never ever will they allow me to fall.

Despite our differences, together we shall remain,


For “All for one, and one for all” is our refrain.

Realizing that I can’t see my life without their care,

I’m always careful of the emotions I choose to share.

Emotional outbursts aren’t worth the hurt they cause

Never underestimate the value of a pause.

Deeply knowing that unconditional love is not a guarantee,

Special thanks to my family and friends for letting me be me.


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