"I wonder how it feels to be loved by someone." You are eighteen and already asking yourself this question when you haven’t even started living. Feeling alone all the time was never something you wanted to go through, and you certainly never imagined that you would actually feel this way. You never thought that you would have barely kissed a boy during your first year of college. Was there something so wrong with you that no one would ever want to be with you? Your friends seem to have things figured out, with boys crawling up their sleeve as they walk away, unimpressed. I’d give anything to have that opportunity, is what you think to yourself as you dream about this. All of these thoughts start to consume you before you can even realize what is happening. The thing you don’t realize, is that he really is out there. It just hasn’t come as easy to you as it did to other people. Maybe you haven’t even met him yet. Maybe he has sat behind you in class for six months and never had the guts to come up to you; but he will. Maybe he is halfway around the world studying abroad and drinking cappuccinos  at the nearest cafe because that’s all he can afford right now. Nothing is wrong with you. Eventually, he will make his way to you and you will know what everyone always talks about. Patience is key, and with that, one day you’ll say to yourself, “So this is what it feels like to be loved."


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