Sleepy Little Farm Town,

Provider of Produce, Maker of Hay

Town of Believers, Gateway to Alabama;

Country, Redneck, Strong,

Town of Tradition:


They tell me you are a ghost town and I believe them, for I

   have seen your old abandoned buildings.

They tell Me you are slow and I answer: Yes,

   I have seen their slow pace of life.

They tell me you are old-fashion and my reply is: Tradition

  blankets the community.

After answering so I turn to those who Insult this town and

 shout back to them:

But show me a town with stronger faith and family ties, so

  proud to be the heart and soul of America, hard-working

  and homespun.

Breaking their backs just to earn a dollar under the Georgia

  sun, here stands a tall weathered man who knows what

  struggle is, set in the shadow of the Atlanta city lights;


Tireless as a Bloodhound following a scent, steadfast as the

  migratory pattern of geese,





Lifting, flinging, never to give up,

On the front porch, sleep filling his eyes, snoring with


Under the calluses snoring like an old man


Snoring as a tired worker snores during a well deserved


Basking in the sun and snoring that under his tough

  skin is the heart and soul of the people from a southern



Snoring the tired, breathy, deep-sleep snore of the people,   

  rural, value-centered, quaint, proud to be a Sleepy Little  

  Farm town, Provider of Produce, Maker of Hay, Town

  of Believers, Gateway to Alabama, Country, Redneck,

  Strong, Town of Tradition.   





modled after the poem "Chicago" by Carl Sandburg. you only wirte once scolarship slam.

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