The Unknown Girl


A young girl that's so upset

So she goes through life giving nothing more than sex

You ask her what's love, and she'll give you a puzzled face

maybe it's cuz' her father dropped out from the early race

Her mother says that's the reason why she turned to women

But who knows maybe that life has more to offer in it

But she never cuffed a girl for more than a season

Yes she has a fear of failure

Always said she can't do something

but secretly on the low it was motivation

playin ball and takin test came so easy

But lying there, staying faithful wasn't really

Her childhood was to blame

Cuz' it was stolen at an early age

Maybe that's why til' this day she hasn't grown up

Cuz' she still longs for the days where she ain't has to own up

Everything was handed to her on a silver platter

That's why the world including herself will always doubt her

Ciroc, Whiskey, L's and OJ was her way out

Cuz' she always felt so alone even in her own house


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