Dear Bully,

Wed, 12/25/2013 - 00:20 -- steph_b


Where does it stem from?

The disgusting glum,

The unfounded hate,

That secures a poor boy’s fate.


If he’s not straight or a bit overweight,

There’s no debate.

Who are you to judge

And hold this baseless grudge?



Look what you’ve done

Is this classified as won?

Your words and actions acting as a machine gun.


Last time I checked

You were never the elect

To go around and correct.



Take a look inside

And open your eyes.

It’s time to realize

The denial and the lies.

It’s a problem within

That you’ve taken out on him.


But one day he’ll no longer be your bait

You just wait.

He’ll be saying, "Look what I can create."

As he marries his soul mate

And lives in a nice estate,

A car with a gold license plate

And your ego begins to deflate,

Your hate begins to negate.


We’re all humans you know,

Trying to go with the flow.

Let go.



"That secures a poor boy’s fate." At first when I read that line, I thought that it said "severs" instead of "secures". Then, I realized I had read it incorrectly. If you think about it, both words fit, depending on the way you look at it.


The flow of your poem was awesome. I can hear the words being said in my head. (It's okay if you think I'm crazy for that). 

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