You Only Write Once

Today is the day my friends

we walk into a life

a life that will shortly end

we walk out on our own

hoping to find a home

a home for our hearts

a home for our lives

a home for love that lasts through the nights

through the cold, the storms, the ice, and the rain

we are all brave enough

we'll brave this rough terrian

Hold on my friends 

we'll see the light

we'll make it through 

keep up the fight

the fight for equality

for every one to love

the fight for no more hunger

let's fight to rise above

above racism

above hate

above all of the things we're defined by

we can change the world

but you have to try

put down your fists 

put down your guns

raise up your voices

raise up to the sun

write against this

walk against this

but these people know better than to fight

we can talk, we can see, we can write.

Write for those who cant be married

Write for those who cant find food

Write for those who need your prayers

Write for those who are still scared

Write for us because we can

Write for those so they can see

our generation isn't 




or texting

our generation is




and peace

We will make the difference 

because back then they couldn't 

We will write not fight

we will sing not shoot

we only write once

we only have once chance

today is the day

let's teach the world to dance.


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