You Are Loved

Tue, 01/21/2014 - 20:35 -- cdi647

See that homeless guy, by the alley?

Looks like he could use a helping hand.

Give him 5 dollars, talk for 5 minutes,

And let him know,

"You are loved."


There's that kid that's been crying all day,

Because everybody's hating on him for being gay.

Tell him, "Hey, don't mind those guys.

All you need to know

Is that you are loved."


Walk up to the bully

That person with the tough exterior

And the shattered interior;

That dude that keeps making people feel inferior--

Walk up to them and remind them,

"You are loved."


Or how about that girl in your class,

Who broke up with that "two-timin' jerk"?

Help her chin up and move on

And tell her, "Just remember:

You are loved."


You get a knock from your neighbor:

"My parents are at it again... can I stay over?"

Tell them, "No problem man, come on in.

And, by the way:

You are loved."


Have a chat with the new kid,

Who gets bashed every day by the wannabes,

Before he does something he regrets,

Say, "It's okay--

You are loved."


Those guys at school are fighting at lunch,

But wait a sec-- somebody's stepping in

"Woah, hey, hold on a second here!

Have you guys forgotten

That you are loved?"


Why should we fight strangers in horrid wars?

We should fight against hatred--

Not the symptoms, but rather the source.

Let's show our brothers and sisters

There's no need for such aggression.

Maybe no one's yet to tell them

That they are loved.


That they are loved.

That we are loved.

That I am loved.

That you are loved.




your poem is great it is deep and thank you now i know for sure i am loved i showed it to my friend and thank you so much to day you saved a life thank you 

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