School Is First !

Thu, 11/14/2013 - 10:46 -- Beautyy


Yes ! its almost that time GRADUATING,

 The feeling and knowing that I'm going to get my named called and the feeling and seeing my family and in the audiences flicking the camera and my mother in the front row with joyful tears rushing down her left and right cheek.

School is first in my eyes,

School is first in my pride.

Being able to see my daughter Amear Harmony Jamison in the same roll as my mother with her father is a lifetime accomplishment for me to achieve.

School is first i repeat.

Going to college and majoring in Industrial Engineering or Clinical Psychology is going to be my career,

I Know my college life is going to be challenging but that will not be a fear.

School is first, in order for me to achieve my lifetime goal for me and my daughter, I trust you with my form of writing

So can you help me with my goal !


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