A Bird's Poem

Fri, 01/17/2014 - 16:46 -- nyla16



I am ready to be free now.

Funny to know I’ve been trapped for so long,

Not remembering what freedom felt like.


As a young bird there were no cares.

Until that faithful day I feel from grace.

Covered and weighed down by mud;


Captured without notice,

Waiting for my mother to rescue me.

But she couldn’t.


Now nothing is how it used to be.


A raven, is what, I see.


By anger and hurt.

Pieces of me,

Dying slowly.

Squawking to God for freedom.

“This burden is too heavy for wings!”

But harsh tones do not summon help.


So see why the caged birds, sing?


Song invokes harmony within the soul.

It cleanses the vessels and frees them from bondage.

By my tongue shall I live or die.

So I sing.


“Oh the joy of freedom,

My friend has returned to me.

No longer the raven I had become,

But the dove I was called to be.”


I choose to live.

I choose freedom.


~The Dove~

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